Saturday, April 19, 2008

Who's there?

Oh! Who's hiding in the shadow?

Wee! It's Dwarfie Retardy!

You're having fun in the playpen while your big brother Sharpie is crying.

Let Me Out -Sobz-

A few of the hamsters just love attention. Well, every ham loves attention. But this lot wants more. Everyday, Retardy Dwarfie, Stubby, Sharpie and Robbie will be biting the cages seeking attention and asking to be let out. Well, we have limited space. So when it's not Sharpie's turn, he really sulk the whole night.

"Please God, let me out. Let me out! Sob sob."


Now who's this hiding in the square box. The photo looks like Ruddie but I got the feeling that it was Robbie. Uh-oh, I'm completely mixed up.
Note: Ok hammies, I did not mess up your photos anymore. This is the original. (^.^)'

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Stubby Emofied

"Hello! Are you done experimenting our photos? I can't even see myself in here and you call this an Emo photo. What the heck."

The owner should learn how to use a tripod and some lightings. Meanwhile, turn up the brightness of the monitor and you can find Stubby looking verysad inside.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Stiggy Lomofied

From Fatty's point of view:-
"Well, the two owners love photography. They especially love marco shots and of cos' who else better to be the subject than us. Then again, this has gone overboard! Look what the owner did to my photo. She called it 'lomography'!"

"I really do fear for our brothers' beautiful photos being destroyed!"

Relocations & Upgradings Part III

Well hammies, you know both your owners are outdoor freaks. They love adventures and hence we would like you little tykes to be adventurous too. Let's go camping!

Let's see how you guys are doing. =)

Yoshi: "Am I in a park or something?"

Dwarfie Tardy: "Honestly, I rather stay in my cosy home..."

Geez, you guys... (-_-)'