Friday, October 31, 2008

My Hammies Taught Me This

When I am a baby, protect me from harm.
Because I cannot defend for myself.
When I am young and able, give me freedom & space.
Because I have the vigor & engery to roam around to explore.
When I am old, stay by my side & keep me company.
So that I know that you are always there as my friend.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

In Thots



What are you thinking about Timid Tardy? My little boy is quite weak now. :(


This is how cute you can get! Spritez, you won't fail to melt me with your innocent looks. ;)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


After relocating Spritez to a new cage, she doesn't seems to be happy! She's back to her initial self being quiet and not active. C'mon Spritez, this is a bigger cage compared to your old home.

She just sulk all day. Alright, I will bring you back to your old cage. But after I come back from my trip. :)

Angry With Spritez

How dare you bite the hand that feeds you huh, Spritez girl! I am angry now *fumes*. You go think about it and 面壁思过!

She really did it... (o_O)

Ringo's Sleeping Style


*snore... snort... snore*

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Another Hermit

Baby Mott likes to hide in her house. She seldom comes down or sleep at the lower floor. But when she heard us calling her, she will peek out from her house window, which is a small circular opening. Super cute. Then again, I wonder why all my motted hammies love to hide. Hermie also hide all day long when he was a baby. Now Baby Mott follows suit. And best of all, the 2 of them likes to pee in the foodbowl aka toilet bowl. What the??!!

7th Month Mystery Debunked

Then came one quiet late night, the old man sitting at the hall watching horror film. And like the usual, screams and the movie's deadly music made the mood creepy. Down further into the light, our big girl Hamlet was minding her own business and doing her usual night run.... Suddenly Hamlet stopped short of what she was doing, ears wide open listening. The owner looking at her also froze. There really was a sound of wheel grinding. (o.O) Both ham and owner looked at each other. Soon, squeaks were softly heard...... Goose bumps felt on both ham and owner.

Not.... Shortly tracing back to how the sounds were developed proved factual. Tracing back to the sound of a similar wheel grinding noise came from an abandoned grill carrier that was placed inside a plastic tank. The vibration of the steel grill was emphasized by the echo of the plastic tank and hence producing the noise. Whenever there was movement, the shocks sent up to the tank and produce the vibrations. So this was what the old man heard as hamster running the wheel. Mystery no. 1 debunked.

The soft squeaks that was heard was Ringo and Tardy inside the bedroom. With the bedroom door closed shut, their squeaks were soften and hence sounded like it was coming from the hallway. Mystery no. 2 debunked. By now, Hamlet should be thinking that it was time for her cage to be moved into the bedroom. Not yet.

Later into the dead of the night, the owner came out. Shadows darting across the floor! (o.O) Yikes!!!!!!! Big LIZARDS. Eeeek! Hamlet looked amused at the owner jumping around. That does it, the 3rd mystery debunked. So this was what the old man had mistakenly seen and thought there were hamsters roaming around. Please, buy the lizards' poison to get rid of these pests. :(

As such, we bought a quiet wheel for Hamlet so that she could come back to stay with us in the room, lest she started fighting with those pests or the pests disturbing her.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Down Memory Lane (The Beginning)

In the Memory of
Denki & White Ham (1998-2001)

It is no wonder my dear hammies that in front of you all, I keep comparing you with Denki & White Ham. Especially you, Hamlet. Because you are a syrian like my beloved Furballs. And all you hammies are here with me because of Denki & White Hammy. :) 10 years down the road, I finally developed the photos from the rusty roll of film. I do teared abit when I saw the blurry photos.

In the summer holidays back in 1998, 3 good friends went cycling around the neighbourhood. Hot day it was and they stopped at a bustling wet market for a rest. They accidentally chanced upon a lady selling hamsters (groggy memory, I can't remember was it a shop or just a stall already). The friends took an interest in viewing and all 3 of them exclaimed they were so cute. One of the friends eventually decided to purchase one. The other 2 kept quiet because 1 had no experience with pets and the other had caused many hamster lives already. That one friend decided to buy one ham but the lady pleaded with her saying, these 2 hamsters were very close to each other, they were sisters. Being soft-hearted that the friend was, she took the 2 hammies. The 3 friends went cycling home while occasionally stopped to marvel at the 2 little ones.

(Denki in her transporter)

A few days later one sudden night, my friend sounded distressed. She told me that her mum found out she had been secretly keeping the 2 hams and threatened to throw them down the rubbish chute if she did not get rid of them herself. Although at that time I was very afraid that I would once again caused my casualty numbers to go up, I did not want to see the 2 babies being abandoned. So I took them over and announced to my friend: "My house is the Hamster Orphanage, my doors are always open to hamsters. :)"

(White Ham peering out to see what's it all about)

And so, the baby sisters came to me in a tin with a small packet of food that probably could last only 2 days. They were still babies and only the size of a dwarf hamster. Together, I called them The Furballs. One of them was brown with a white band while the other was a cream with white band. The brown one was called Denki and the cream called White Hammy aka White Ham. They lived with me through thick and thin and through the hard times. Eventhough I was working part time to support my school fees and expenses, I managed to save up a little sum aside every month and bought them their supplies of high end chlorophyll wood shavings and lots of treats. They in turn had been my pillar of strength. The 2 sisters who are syrian never in their lives fought. When sleep, they would slept side by side or over one and other. They lived in harmony throughout. The Furballs passed on in year 2001. White Ham was around 3 years old while Denki was 3 & half years old.

(Spot where White Ham is)

(Spot where Denki is)

Some of the dearest memories I had of them. The day when Denki escaped and landed into my toilet bowl. I had no idea that she was scrambling for her life the whole night until I woke up to find her missing and White Ham getting all anxious looking at me. I eventually found Denki struggling to keep afloat. She was in trauma and I had to skip school to keep her company. When I brought White Ham to see her, she sniffed at Denki, stood up on her hind legs, used her front paws to hit Denki's head as if saying: "Look at you! Naughty head." That moment was really priceless. =)

(Kiddo White Ham and Denki)

Another time, the Furballs got into a tussle when I gave them their favourite alfafa stick. It was one long stick of this green treat (smelt nice!). Both hammies bit on both ends of the stick and refused to let go. There on the table, the 2 of them were playing tug-o-war with the stick, going: "Mine, No Mine, No let go Mine!" After 5 mins, both of them still refused to let go, standing on their hind legs with the stick ends in their mouths. I asked them: "Don't you ever give up?" They looked at me with an strong expression of "NO". Fine, I took out a sisscors and cut the stick into half, both of them went tumbling backwards. That moment was priceless. =)

(White Ham hiding behind)

When the Furballs passed on, part of me was lost. I kept their cage and kept away from pets. But somehow the words still stayed on echoing in my mind: "The Hamster Orphanage".

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dinner Time (Part II)

Ringo on the other hand, stuff herself silly immediately when the foodbowl is landed. Heehee, chubby face. This morning caught her trying to steal from Tardy again. *faintz*

Dinner Time

Whitehead is always on the ball when it comes to dinner time. He also has a good discipline of eating by the bowl. Chose whatever he likes to keep in his pouch for later snack. I'm good with him cos' he is not a fussy eater and he mostly finishes up everything in his bowl. *love love*


Woah!! -__-' Ringo chan, I salute you. You are the first hamster of mine to damage my wheel. =.=" Please go on diet, the wheel can't even support you now....
Now I have to go buy a new wheel.... (-.-)"

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Butt

Hahaha. It's not Whitehead nor Yoshi's butt. It's Mochi's cute little bum bum. This fella likes to perk his butt when he sleeps. See Mochi, we got a fetish for your butt, and since you are such a deep sleeper, you don't even know we have secretly photographed your 8-15! Kekekeke. :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Another Escape Artiste In The Making

Baby Mott is a dangerous hammie. When no one is looking, she will try to escape. Congrats Mott, you have conquered Mt Playpen Fence!

Wonder why female hamsters are a better climbers than male. Or probably my boys aren't interested in rockclimbing. They focus more on marathon running??

Spritez Fizzes!

Talking about the escape artiste who ran away from home the last few days....
Very naughty!

We looked around the whole living room, kitchen as well as all the rooms, yet we couldn't find her. The next day, I decided to try my luck to dig the storeroom (that place is a hellhole). After removing the pack of 50L carefresh, saw the whole floor was filled with dust and dirt. Yup, confirmed she was here. Then I noticed a little face popping out under the metal ladder. "SPRITEZ!!!" She retracted her head in, then popped out again. This naughty girl had not eaten for one day and hence she immediately started eating when we gave her food. =.='

Eversince Spritez came back, she is a whole lot happier and active. Don't ask me why? Probably she finally realizes the coziness of her cage and decides to enjoy it more?? These few nights she has been running the wheel and climbing all over the cage. We let her out to the playpen for bigger space and she is quite happy running around.

Spritez is also warming up to me and she lets me pat her head without squeaking and dodging. She even steps onto my palm and let me carry her. Surprised that one missing night could do alot of difference to her atitude. (??)

Nice Butt....

You know hammies, your 2 owners have a fetish of ham butts. :p Now you little twerps go and guess whose butt was being secretly photographed. Wahahaha. Such a cute tail. (^^)

Timid Tardy Getting Better

Eversince Timid Tardy is separated from Ringo (well they stay next door to each other now), he is putting on healthy weight. (^.^) I am very happy about this. He was super malnourished when he stayed with Ringo and at one point he was so weak that he couldn't climb up the wooden planks.

Getting better and better.

At least he is of the size of a regular hammie, but still abit thin. Eat more! I'm gonna stuff food into your face. (^_^)v

Yoshi's Emo Shot

Upon archiving co-owner's photos, found this very artistic shot of Yoshi. I like it so much. It's like he was in deep thoughts.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Tribute To My Beloved Yoshi

Yoshi was an extraordinary hamster. He bore the resemblance of his mother more than Chiko eventhough he was pearl white. He had his mother features that made him looked extremely feminine. Very well behaved and one of my cleanest hammie whom I called an 'otomen'.

He was a very active hamster who loved running. When we had the playpen set up, he was the one always running around non-stop (although in circles) and it was up all round the whole night kind of affair. So most nights, there would be skitters sound made by him when he ran on the newspapers.

Weeks ago, I took the video of him running and as well as some photos which I did not jot down due to my absence. Guess it's too late now, Yoshi is in Sunflower Valley over the rainbow bridge. Wonder would he sees this.

Close up on cute Yoshi in the playpen taking a rest.

"Hey, stop snapping at me would you!!"

A very irritated Yoshi looking at me. Not happy with the camera snapping.

Yoshi would like to run non-stop for a long time before stopping to rest. He treated the playpen as his own cage, so we usually left him in the playpen overnight. Though he had ran throughout the whole night, he was always unreluctant to go home in the morning. Everytime after dinner, he would stood near the door waiting for a chance to go to the playpen.
How ironic can life be. Just when I finally finished the long delayed video and hit the publish button, I happily ran over wanting to tell Yoshi that I made a cute video of him. I found him curled up in his foodbowl. It was unusual to find him sleeping on his food cos' he was always particular about hygiene. I started poking him on the butt asking him why. He did not response and I knew he was up. :(

I picked up the bowl and used the cotton to keep him warm. For an hour, he kept his eyes closed albeit a little difficulties in breathing. Then he sat up and started eating his food!!! (O.O) "Yoshi, if you have strength, die another day would you?" He continued munching and then dropped back to his weak sleeping position. An hour passed, thinking it would be a matter of time now, I constantly covered him with the cotton which he twitched around. Suddenly Yoshi stood up!! (o.O)' He climbed out of the bowl onto the floor and headed to the playpen direction slowly. I placed him inside and he mastered all his strength and tried to run his rounds. At this time it was quite heartbreaking to see him does that. He was limping as he moved round the playpen. It was like he was fulfilling his death wishes before his time came.
Finally after a few rounds, he seemed to know that his time was up and he went into the tent. I stuff him lotsa cotton and kept talking to him. He looked disturb about my presence and I put up the tissue to seal the entrance and let him passed on in peace.

I'm not sure what time he eventually passed on, at 3am he was still breathing. When the morning came, we found him stiff. Which probably meant he died around 4-6am.

Rest in peace my boy. You have done what you wanted. Hope you'll find your brother Sharpie and DLLG over there. :..(

Yoshi Runs

When Yoshi runs, I think about this song. When I hear this song, I think about Yoshi runs.

Near a tree by a river
There's a hole in the ground
Where an old man of Aran
Goes around and around
And his mind is a beacon
In the veil of the night
For a strange kind of fashion
There's a wrong and a right
But he'll never, never fight over you

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Search Continues...

Missing winterwhite hamster named Spritez.
Officially missing for 1 and 1/2 days.
Rewards of 50 sunflower seeds to locate her.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mating Season Starts Again

Caution: Hamster below the age of 5 months are not allowed to read & view due to pornographic descriptions & sexual images.

Sometimes when Ringo's temper is stable, we let the 2 of them together. The problem lies with Ringo, she is at times very hostile towards Tardy but some times, she's ok. In order to protect Timid Tardy (henpecked husband), we decided to put them behind "bars".

In one of the outings at the playpen, it seems like hanky panky is going on. The vid is an example of how an inexperience ham performing his 'first time'.

Though the video did not capture their actions up to the end, Tardy eventually 'succeeded'. As he bumped hard in, Tardy went weak and when the deed was done, he dropped dead to the floor motionless with his eyes wide open. I thought he had a cardiac arrest or something (afterall he's old) and went forward to call him. He tilted his head up looking at me sheepishly and got up to clean himself. Woah Tardy, you're no longer a virgin hammie. :D

Hamlet's New Playground

You know, the best playground for syrian in my own opinion, is the whole bedroom. Hamlet no longer likes to play with just the wheel. She wants to explore and run around, which I think she now treats my side shelves as her new play things.

These nights, I let her out under my supervision. She climbs up to the side shelves, runs amok among my book shelf, wanders around my bedside drawer, and jumps onto my bed before trampling all over me. Ha! Wonder why all syrians like to climb over the owner's head. -.-"

Sleeping Baby

Cherry likes to find a hideout to sleep. And here come the paparazzi owner snapping away...

Close up on the baby...

I have never seen such a tame WW before. I have been biten by almost all my WW kids. Cherry is the only one who has not bite me. I really wonder, why on earth people abandon her? She is such a gem, so lovable, cute and friendly to us humans. *melts*

Guilty As Charge

You know Ringo, you always say we are unfair to you when we discipline you. See for yourself on your own behaviour. It's a big 'no no' at Hamsty World. All hamsters must live in safe, peaceful environment. NO STEALING! Especially from your husband next door. -.-"

Whitehead Boy

Whitehead! Pee Pee King! People actually request for your photos. :)

As usual, he doesn't like to entertain much. He is now the oldest among the Hamsty generation.

Sprite With An Attitude "Z"

When I was on the way home with the 2 new kids, I kept calling this "Mi" Sprite. Probably I like to drink Sprite more than Coke. After trying to make friends with her, resulting her in squeaks when I pat her head, I decided to call her Spritez with an attitude 'zzz'.

Although in data, they mentioned that she is 1 yr old. By the looks of her, I can't help but think she is over 1 yr, probably 1.5 already. And I also can't help but think she has something to say. She's all gloomy since coming back.

She has not really run the wheel or show any signs of activeness. These 3 days, I have been talking to her for hours. She just sat there looking at me, probably hinting me to shut up and give her some peace.

Spritez, although looking at you sometimes makes me blunt out your name as Stiggy, and in you I keep seeing Fatty. But no matter what, you are Spritez, and I give you this name in hope that you will fizzes up and be happy/cool like the soft drink.

Boy you're really a replica of dear little Stig!

Monday, October 6, 2008

White Retardy's Photoshoot

Retardy's mother-in-law actually did a photoshoot for Tardy. Haha. Looks very the bridal right? :p

I didn't know that Tardy can act so cute. Haha.

His whiskers view. Wahahaha.

He looks like a baby ham. Now it reminds me of him when he was a baby. He was so cute back then. :p

Our Very Own Puss-In-Boots Face

This is Cherry, totally into the innocent mode.

She looked like the CJ7 weird puppet thing. Haha. I got a feeling she would be my next fav. pet of pet after Stiggy. :)
Photo courtesy of DashingBlue.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

New Adoptees

What a goon! For months I kept thinking that there isn't any hammies on the adoption list in SPCA. It was the last few weeks, did I realise that actually there is a separate page for small animals (I kept looking at the dogs page on the revamped site. -.-"). Since Stubby had passed on, I now have a spare cage for a new kid.

So off to the SPCA today. My intention was to adopt one. All the hammies there were like doing stunts and saying: "Me! Pick me! Me me me." I decided to take a 1 yr old normal WW because she looked very much like Fatty. But while I was talking to the staff there, Tardy's mother-in-law spotted a sweet 3 weeks old WW who is sooo tame which we couldn't resist. I ended up adopting 2 hammies instead of one. So here they are:

Her SPCA name is "Mi", I decided to call her Spritez.

Her SPCA name is "Lulu". I think I call her Cherry aka Tammi

After coming back home, found Sharpie has passed on. With his passing, I now have 3 cages available. Though I wanted to leave his cage off for mourning, the co-owner decided to let her occupy it. Tam, you are lucky. :) We will mourn for Sharpie at this site for 4 days instead. :)

Farewell Sharpie

Sharpie passed on just now while I was away from home. Sigh~ I couldn't send him off over his final moment. :( However, I'm glad that I made the right choice to forgo all my activities and stayed home over the weekend and spent most of the time with him. This morning he was still breathing and co-owner even change the beddings for him. I guess his time was indeed up. Sharpie was also near 2yrs 2mths.

He gotten weak since Friday.

The size of his tumor had grown very big, Sharpie being the gungho hammie had endured long enough and he was always so chirpy, protesting for his dinner. Always masking his pain from us.

Made Sharpie a blanket from the cotton balls.

Sharpie boy, your pain is finally over. I hope you will be happy over the rainbow bridge at Sunflower Valley. May you find your brother DLLG and family to live happily. Don't forget to look down on your brother Yoshi who is still healthy and pray he will last till his 3rd birthday. :)