Sunday, October 12, 2008

Yoshi Runs

When Yoshi runs, I think about this song. When I hear this song, I think about Yoshi runs.

Near a tree by a river
There's a hole in the ground
Where an old man of Aran
Goes around and around
And his mind is a beacon
In the veil of the night
For a strange kind of fashion
There's a wrong and a right
But he'll never, never fight over you


wiffy said...

hehe so hyper and cute~ I almost got dizzy watching Yoshi run round and round ... he don't go into the toilet tube?

dashingblue said...

Wah! He really runs around and around!! What a hyperactive hamster! Haha! ^^

Ippo said...

Haha the newspaper was fluttering at the same time as the beat of the song (towards the end of the video, lower right corner).

kisetsu said...

A very bad news.... Yoshi just passed away this morning. He was still ok the day before. :(

Sometimes I blame myself for not posting much on each ham until when their time come. This vidz was taken weeks before. I din have the time to edit the vid and hence only yesterday I fnish the file. By then around 1am after hitting the publish button, I went to Yoshi's cage to let him out for his playpen time. Sadly I found him lying in his foodbowl growing weak. :(

dashingblue said...

Oh no! It is Yoshi's turn. =(

So sad~~~ Don't say that, you also need to have time of your own. I am even worse, haven't updated on my pets for months! >.<

kisetsu said...

3 hamsters in within days. It's really scary, like the grim reaper is here again. I'm now very worried about Whitehead and the Tardies.

Least expect Yoshi to go cos' he is very fit and active. Am very shocked.

Ippo said...

Aawww!!! I'm sorry about Yoshi!
He seemed so hyper in this video.
He looked like a happy hamster.
I'm sure he's somewhere with endless amounts of sunflower seeds.

kisetsu said...

He was still hyper until the end. The nights no longer have the skitters sound from Yoshi running around in the playpen. :(