Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Is That Tubby The Chinny?

This is not related to the hams but... OMG! I thought I saw Tubby and yes, it was indeed Tubby the chin at Cute Overload. Haha.

Tubby the Teacher's Pest?

That's Ippo's chinchilla! So cute.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Eyebag Problems

For those who have dark eye rings and eyebag problem (like the owners), better don't grumble in front of Herbie. She has the worst case. =.=

What happened to my cute little hamster???

Angry Hamster Part II

Of late, whenever Earl Grey comes to his food bowl during dinner time, the owner will purposely pick him up when his head dips into his bowl. Of course, this makes the hamster very mad. But Earl Grey is naturally a nice hammie hammie, so he only shows his grumpy face.

Grumpy face

Many attempts one after another, even the little 'Mr Nice Guy' turns Mr Hyde. Earl Grey who never biten anyone before, gave the owner one hard nip on the finger. Ouch! You naughty hammie you!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Xmas Came Earlier

This year, Christmas came early for the Hamsty hammies. Their Christmas deco is up since the beginning of December.

Well, it's not that I trying to out-win anything. Just that, last year I put on the deco a week before Christmas and the next thing I knew was that I had to remove them back. (>.<) So at least this year, I'll have a whole month to enjoy the deco. =p