Friday, April 20, 2012

The End Is Nearing

Both of us owners hate to feel this. The end is coming nearer and nearer each day for Herbie. :( Though she is still as adorable (albeit aged) and bubbly as usual, we can't help but sigh at her belly lump that has swelled to half her size. (T_T) Herbie is slightly irritated by the growth hindering her movement that makes her unable to climb up her cage grills anymore. But we will bring her out by transporting her through her food bowl. However, I have reservations of letting her walk around the floor now as I am very afraid of infection since the growth will be dragging on the ground surface.

We are bracing ourselves that both Herbie and Scar are at their old age stage, in the meantime to treasure our time with them while we can.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

What In The World?

This is one article that I read in my local newspaper and this just shock me to the core. It's not about hamsters but it still relates to the rodent family. What makes me sick is the hobby: Decorating mice carcasses for showcase?

Though I would really like to immortalize all my RIP hammies, I don't think I can stomach this method. (x_x)