Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Revolutionary Sleeping Position

I came home just now and found a very naughty Skippy sleeping like this.....

What is this man! I know it's fire hot these days, but sleeping on your waterbottle won't help either... -__-"

Sunday, September 5, 2010

An Injured Ham

So much for the Hamsty Playground Opening Ceremony! Yesterday, the Hamsty Avenue opened back the communal playpen and we even invited 2 guests-of-honor, Mario and Scrump to attend the ceremony. But today, the playpen yet again closed down until further notice! -.-"

Scratch hiding away, refusing to let anyone see his face

What a joke! I totally forgotten Earl Grey was inside the playpen, hiding inside the hideout and I happily put Scratch in. Scratch, who loves the playpen alot was happy it was finally his turn and he started exploring while I returned back to my computer. Co-owner came in and heard much scruffling, and in all horror, we saw them two rumbling about. By then it was too late. Scratch suffered a huge tear on his left face and was terribly traumatised. =c

Don't look at Earl as a friendly hammie, he's very nice to human but he can be very aggressive to his own kind (look how he bullied Kopi last time). Scratch on the other hand, though looks fierce and aggressive, is actually a very soft ham. He is those obedient type that will keep quiet. That's why he didn't even squeak for help. ;(

My poor injured Scratch looking pitiful

My handsome lad turns 'Phantom of the Opera' again. =.= Hope he recovers soon. T_T

Hamsty Treats!

Our hammies are in for a treat! Wiffy prepared a good mix of yummy food for the Hamsty.

The hammies like it, especially the pumpkin seed. =D All thanks to Noobcook, the hams are going organic. (^^)

It looks so yummy that I wanna try it too. =p