Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Story Of Little Scratch

It was a big mistake to go into the petshop last night. =.=" In fact in the daytime, I had already went to PLC, but later in the evening I went to Pet Safari again. To look for the wooden house which Reverie had asked me to (sadly there is no discount for the house she wanted). Right when we stepped in, we saw an all-white baby ham running around actively. Both co-owner and me exclaimedly in union: "Mochi!!!!!" We were just very attracted to this little twerp. It's different from the rest of them pearl whites because everyone had their dorsal strips while this twerp totally didn't have any.

"Look like a very young Mochi."

After looking at the price of the house in dismay, I stepped out of the shop ready to go home when co-owner pulled me back to the little twerp.

Co-owner: "Honey, you look at him." *expressed deep interest*
Me: "So? We have 12 mousey in da house!"
Co-owner: "Where got 12?"
Me: "Oreo and Nibs is with us now!"
Co-owner: "Look at this poor mousey."

There sat the little twerp in one corner looking in a daze. All the rest of them babies had companions and were happily cuddling together, but this little one curled around alone far from everyone. Looking closely, we found one of his ears had a fresh red wound. We decided to leave the shop but after making a step forward, we returned back and decided to bring him back home with us.

The wound at his ear was not all that I found out. Later in the night, I found out that we really bought a defective hamster. This little twerp has vestibular disease syndrome. He was running around in circles the whole night and his head was not straight. This hamster defect is commonly known as 'head tilt' which either results from infections or stroke. It usually will cause the hamster to run in circles (known as circling) and tripping ocassionally due to instability.

So. That is why I just have this very strong intuition to buy you home right from the start when I saw you. Well, after knowing your defects, I realised that you are really destined to stay with us. :)

"Doesn't he look like Mochi?"

A Big Welcome

The Hamsty family welcomes Reverie's two hams who will be vacationing here for a while. :) Cute Nibs and Aunty Oreo will be staying at our side for a month while their owner is away. Hammies, some of you should remember Aunty Oreo. She was with us back then while you all were still babies. Hermie & Robbie, remember?

Oreo is still as active as ever. She has been running round the cage and climbing all over as usual.

Little Nibbles on the other hand is only active at night. He seems to like the AB Seton wooden house we put in for him when he arrived. :)

We will be featuring them often for the coming month. To update their owner on their happenings while she is away. "Hammies, you know you won't be safe because there are human spies lurking around you all the time." :D

The 'Puss-In-Boot' Looks

Finally, we managed to capture Spritez's innocent look. This is the exact way she looks when she's on my palm while I'm talking to her.

One word: "Awwww". I just melt away......

Behind The Scene

You know sometimes it is not the owner doing all the blogging. The hammies play a part in it too.

Here's Earl Grey vetting thru' the entries before the owner can hit the 'published' button.

"Hmmm, that's the correct way of saying the good stuff."

Can't write all the bad stuff about them too much or they'll bite if they notice some discrepancy. :D

Food Glorious Food

Finally, after a whole month of waiting. My redeemed items are here!

Hope this can satisfied Hamlet's fussy eating habit. :s

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Kopi Yoyo

Oh? I found a very cute photo of Kopi in my thumb drive. He hasn't change much since the day he came over to stay here. But he sure is getting darker nowadays.

Birth Certificate

As I have already maximize Hamsterer profile of 25 hamster (gosh!), I don't feel like creating another account of it by using a different email add. Hence I decided that it is time I create my own hamster's cert instead of putting all info at Hamsterer. The day before, while I was browsing a hamster book at a bookshop, it taught how to create a hamster birth cert.

Idea strikes and I decide to create my own. I created it in a 4R (4x6inch) size so that I can print it out as well (without wasting too much paper). I kindda like the finishing result. :)

Well, since I have the template all set up. If anyone would like to have their hams' certs. Do let me know. (^^)v

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Not Really Photogenic

Honestly, people must see Spritez (the fuzz ball) in person to really understand why I say she's very very beautiful. Her photos ain't do any justice because she's simply not photogenic. No wonder she got bad votes in the contest (sorry, Spritez, I'm gonna pour cold water on you). :D

Back to the point. She can win me over anytime despite how naughty she is. She just stare at me with that big puppy eyes, innocent face and a little pout mouth, and I give in to her. This is the closest photo of her expressing her innocence moment that we could get.

Still not as photogenic as in real person. -.-"

Tok Tok Tok

At seeing Earl Grey in the pose, the co-owner produced a 'tok tok tok tok' background sound and looked at me saying: "He's meditating..."

On looking at the photo again. Yeah, he really looks like he is meditating. Haha. :D

Monkey Face Mott

On a very rare ocassion, Baby Mott gives us the monkey face look. Here's little Mott sticking out her little tongue tongue. :p

Goodbye Uncle Retardy

As some may know, our dearest Uncle Tardy passed on last week. Honestly I do not know which day. I went to co-owner's house for a day's stay to visit his mum's hamsters on Friday, and when I returned home on Saturday, Tardy was gone. :(

I looked at his lifeless body lying down as if he was sleeping. Ringo chan his neighbour, looked depressed. She sat quietly behind the bars where Tardy laid and for a long time, she ignored my calls. The whole cage was gloomy. The time finally came where the last of my Hamsty descendent passed on. Timid Tardy was 2 1/2 years old. He's really old but yet he pulled on. Checking his foodbowl next to his body, I noticed he ate up all the sunflower seeds before he left this world. Tardy, I hope you enjoy your stay with us. Do find your 2 naughty bros over at Sunflower Valley.

Dearly missed....