Wednesday, February 27, 2008

RIP Chiko

Chiko finally passed away peacefully in his sleep on 23th Feb 2008. Guess he really hold on long enough, but not long to see his grandchildren. He has lived well. At his time of death, he is over 3 years old.

Rest well Chiko boy. Hope you are with Naughty now. :)

Friday, February 15, 2008

Cosy Armchair

Hmm, Fabian, this armchair is warm and cosy eh?

You like it?


"This playground is no fun. There's nothing to do here."

Alright Ruddie, your wish is granted. The playpen size will be doubled up this weekend.
Did I see a grinning Yoshi behind shouting "Hurray"?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Night With Hamsty

I absolutely dig Valentina's comic strip, Hamleto. It just made me laugh out loud.
I find this totally relevant, tittled The Night Of The Living Hamsters.
And my night with the Hamsty starts with:-
1. Yoshi who is in the playpen constantly makes the skitter sounds from his paws on the newspaper. (Bass)
2. Whitehead seeking revenge (that not his turn to the playpen), bangs his waterbottle to the tank panel. There you have it, the (drums).
3. And by 2am, Fatty will starts lifting the tank lids to signal me for his water feeding time. (Sythesizer)
4. If that is not enough, Stubby and Sharpie would chip in to the noise by chiselling on the woods aka "brushing their teeths". (Acoustic)
5. And Retardy (Dwarfie) would be biting the cage grills. (String)
6. So, the couple Retardy (White) & Oreo start their ferocious fight. (Lead Vocals)
7. Little Hermie then join in with his baby crys. (Back Vocal)
8. Robbie, Ruddie & Fabian also start jolting their wheels. (Percussion)

The Hamsty orchestra begins and the concert last till morning. =.="
If you see me with panda eyes and a foul mood the next day, this is why.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


The hamsty family received visitors over the weekend. DashingBlue came to visit Oreo and she brought a new friend Vivi the guinea pig! Oreo got real excited sensing her owner presence and she did many funny stunts! Including throwing out a long line of cotton and climbing over the playpen fence! That's the first time she ever did all these! Hamsty owners were amazed.

Meet Vivi, the guinea pig.

Oreo and Vivi together.

At the end of the night, Oreo was so pooped that she snooze in the playpen.


Sunday, February 3, 2008

In Memory Of Mousey Baby

We thought we lost this video. Amen that we found it in the archive disc. This was the last footage of Mousey Baby. And he is doing his unique backflipping.

Mousey Baby was one of the cutest pearl white hamsty, 3rd batch from Chiko & Naughty, brother of Fatty. He was very well trained to climb up the tower when you called him and to do the backflip to entertain us.

We miss you, our "big eyes, stubby nosey, round face" hammie. :(

Hermie aka Motty

We have decided to name Motty as Hermie. From now on, his official name will be Hermie. His nickname still remains as Motty, though co-owner strongly against that name. The name Hermie derives from Hermit, because he loves to hide inside the porcelain cave. Also we found out the history about him. Hermie is a victim of hamster bully by the other motts in the petshop. It is very evident because we noticed that there were more than 3 holes on each of his ear. A sign of abuse by other baby ham hams.

The other night, he was sobbing away until morning. Hermie, you should be safe here. You have the Hamsty and Robo families here. We will soon find you a partner and you can have your own Mot family as well. :)

We hope you will grow old with us here.

The Robos

We have just set up a new formation of the playground. All the Habitrail fancy cardboard maze were removed and we put in more hamster-friendly toys like the swing and ladder. We got Robbie and Ruddie, the 2 robos to have a go. They have not been out into the playground for so long.

Let's talk about Ruddie. As a robo, she is OBESE! She is twice the size of a roborovskii. And what's more, she is the size of the winterwhites. Same size as Fatty! Boy Ruddie, we are going to enrol you into the Trim-And-Fit club. You better start losing weight.

Here's Ruddie and Robbie. The 2 good friends who attack each other when provoked. Guess Robbie did not like Ruddie (too fat for him), and so no chemical attraction.