Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sharpie's Backward Stunt

There is always a reason why Sharpie is rated the most intelligent hammie in Hamsty Family. He protests when he did not get his dinner on time, he knows how to find the direction of the fan to sleep on hot days. But the one thing that distinguishes him from the rest, when placed on high ground, Sharpie always goes down butt first. It's always been his practice of going down since young. I guess he knows that it is safer to land without much injuries this way. Clever boy!

I want to put this video up as Sharpie does not have much time left. We found a big lump on his right side and we know his days are limited. My one and only clever hammie might not last long. The owner is in incosolable mode. Sob sob. :(

"Relax, I'm still around!!!"

Birthday Bash For Oreo, Retardy & Mayo

It turned out that Oreo and Mayo are also August babies, so all of the hams had to take photos with the cake. The owner gave up after a while cos' it was really difficult to get them to pose. They were more fascinated being let out of the cage than the cake itself! (x.x) But Jac took many awesome photos! These are her shots, so nice!!!

Hello Oreo & Retardy!! Remember me?

Retardy with the cake.

Retarded means eating the candle instead of the cake!

The couple is so lovey dovey. Kiss kiss!

Cute Oreo with the cake. She knows how to pose. :)

Retarded means playing with the food. -.-"

"Let's show them owners our bum bum!" (o.O)

Plump Mayo with the cake. :)

What can I say, they even enjoyed their dinner together!!!

And so, the birthday kids celebrate their birthdays in Aug 2008. Can we have some babies soon? Please?

Birthday Cake for Retardies

The Retardies have a birthday cake each for themselves cos' it is their birthday month as promised!

Timid Retardy sniffing his cake

Dwarfie Retardy nipping the nuts on the cake

White Tardy is spoilt rotten. His mother-in-law even put a candle!!

Coming up, the birthday bash photos of Retardy, Oreo and Mayo.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Visit To Tardy

The owner visit White Retardy at his mother-in-law's house. Got a few nips from Tardy and Oreo though. -.-" Oreo is getting cuter, Retardy lost some weight. Uh oh, signs of aging!

More photos to come soon as the owner needs to cool her temperature down. (x.x)

Run Run Run

A look on how the robos react to their new wheel. Funny why robo likes to fly!
Rubie, don't you ever give up?

The video is old skool, but who to blame? The movie maker died on me more than 50 times! (T.T)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

7th Month Hungry Ghost Story

The burning smell of paper and incense roamed through. Up the lonely stairway to the 13th floor, there is a long dark corridor. Towards the end of the dark corridor with flickering lights, there is an unpainted door. Enter the dark hall of the apartment....., there is an old man sitting back watching Olympics *that’s besides the point!*.

1 meter away from where the old man sits, there laid a couple of abandoned cages. The grills were rusty and stained with dust. The beddings in it looked old and musky. Uneaten treats were left scattered all round the floor of the beddings. Wheels left dangling halfway or unfixed. Surrounding the cages are excess hammies accessories that are not in use. This is the place where the grim reaper once roamed and terrorize those hammies who stayed at the hallway. This is the place where a lot of hamsters suffered their last moments. This is the place where hammies died without a reason or cause!

The clock strikes 12 midnight, the streets turn quiet, and all the people who are busy with burning hell notes and incense retreat back home. Peaceful at last…. Among the noise generated by the TV, little squeaks could be heard. Passed 1 am, skitters sounds started and sounds of wheels churning could be heard along the dark hall. Shadows starts forming and soon on the dusty wooden floor, little shadows are found roaming around the living hall. The old man brushes away the thought.


Come next morning, the old man asks the owner has her hammies escaped again from her room. (o.O) Well, Hamlet is no longer residing in the hallway. All my hammies are still in their cages at my room, so no hamster escaped. So what’s with the ‘woo woo’ thing!

The Hamsty hammies and the co-owner are puzzled by this phenomenon. Debunk this myth! Call the Ham Buster here please!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dearly Missed

There are times when I would think of Stiggy ocassionally out of the blue. Looking at his photos just chics me out. It's like he is still here.

"Here's Stiggy looking back at me"

I miss little Fatty alot.... :(


We found Mochi asleep in a most perculiar way.....

I thought you are praying, mousey. Is it comfortable to sleep this way Moch???

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Retardies

Oh Tardies, this month is your birthday month!! Gosh, I almost forgot! Hey, maybe we should celebrate our birthdays together eh, since we are the August babies. :) Ok, I'll buy a cake for each one of you.

White Tardy, though you are 2km away from us, you are not forgotten. :p Happy 2 years birthday.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Toilet Bowl

Hermie always pee pee at one spot. We call it his toilet bowl. It used to be his foodbowl but he kept peeing until we had enough and decided to make that as his toilet bowl. Now, this shy little guy uses it to pee as well as to sleep. Hence resulting in a very smelly hammie. -.-"

Hermie, one of these days you will know what it's like to bathe.....

A New Cosy Bed?

While I was cleaning the other hammies' cages, Yoshi took the opportunity to find a new place to bunk.

"Eh Yoshi, you looked very cosy huh. But that's your FOODBOWL!"

But not to worry, Yoshi is a clean mousey. When the food was poured in, he used it as his foodbowl again.