Saturday, August 23, 2008

Run Run Run

A look on how the robos react to their new wheel. Funny why robo likes to fly!
Rubie, don't you ever give up?

The video is old skool, but who to blame? The movie maker died on me more than 50 times! (T.T)


dashingblue said...

I love the video! Nice funny subtitles too! ^^ Haha~ I can tell you put in a lot of effort to do this... For me, I just don't bother... I would just put the title and the credit. =P

Anyway, Great job Pam! Your one month work for this video finally paid off. ^^

kisetsu said...

A little song to brighten up the video. See how bossy Rudie becomes! :)

It's has been a month of cussing and complaining. Sigh~ Really need to change my computer. MOst programs are not functioning well.

dashingblue said...

Haha! Me too... My laptop is dead, and I haven't got time to get a new one yet as my exam is nearing next week... What a time to break down... -.-

Ippo said...

Hahaha I love watching robos run on the wheels to the point that you can't see their feet :-)

kisetsu said...

Woah Jac, that's a bad time to breakdown!!

Ippo - They are the real life speedy gonzale. Very fast. :)

wiffy said...

wahahahhaha!!! love the captions, and I LOVE the credits at the end too, this is hilarious! glad that u finally made this vid, it's really worth it ;)

Woah, R&R are really quick... I can't see their feet when they are running! kekeke ... I want robos!~!~

kisetsu said...

Woah, R&R is really a cute name! (^^) Ok, I will call Robbie & Rubie R&R. Kekeke.

The two cutie pie looks innocent enough, but they bite. -.-"