Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A New Cosy Bed?

While I was cleaning the other hammies' cages, Yoshi took the opportunity to find a new place to bunk.

"Eh Yoshi, you looked very cosy huh. But that's your FOODBOWL!"

But not to worry, Yoshi is a clean mousey. When the food was poured in, he used it as his foodbowl again.


Hamster Hideout said...

aww, what a sweet looking pose ... yoshi is small and cutez!! *pinches & tickles* ...

I want more updates from hamsty hamstery please! :D

Ippo said...

Yay you're back!
Yoshi is so cuteee!

kisetsu said...

Sorry for the lag of update, been out on my adventures. So much so that the hammies are so frustrated on my disappearance, they gave me a hard time at night. Can't sleep well these days. :(

Yoshi by far is one of the cutest. Still very cute despite his old age. :)

Ippo said...

The new hammies were in my room for only 2 nights, before I moved them out.
They're too noisy!
How old is Yoshi?

kisetsu said...

I have all the hammies in my room, also brought Hamet to stay inside with the dwarfs now. The noise pollution at nite is terrible! Thank god, these 2 days they are so well behaved and no sound except for Ringo's ocassional squeak.

Yoshi should be probably 2yrs & 2 months now. Gosh I should really post all their biodata up in Hamsterer. Tends to forget easily.

Ippo said...

Woaa 2 years+
Sounds like you've been taking care of them real well.
You have vocal hamsters huh?
The noises with my hamsters mostly come from the occasional biting of the cage bars.

kisetsu said...

I do hope they could live up to 3 yrs but judging by the looks of my WW, I doubt so. I watch most of them grew up from birth and I just want them to be happy till they part. :)

On a bad day, noise come out from everywhere, be it biting of the cage, running the wheels, wailing (yes, they cry too) and squeaking. It becomes the ham orchestra! Haha.

Ippo said...

Ooo upgrade to the silent spinner!
That really reduced most of the noise for me.

kisetsu said...

Slient Spinner? I don't think we have that in S'pore.... Do we??? (o. -)