Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Toilet Bowl

Hermie always pee pee at one spot. We call it his toilet bowl. It used to be his foodbowl but he kept peeing until we had enough and decided to make that as his toilet bowl. Now, this shy little guy uses it to pee as well as to sleep. Hence resulting in a very smelly hammie. -.-"

Hermie, one of these days you will know what it's like to bathe.....


Hamster Hideout said...

Haha, hermie sure know how to improvise ... from food bowl to toilet bowl (lol!) to sleeping den .. maybe the smell of his pee is comforting to him, hee

Pierluigi said...

Your blog is very... sweeeeet!!!! i love hamsters and I had one some months ago... :(
What about a link exchange? i have an italian webcomic but in my blog you can find also the english version! I am here: http://ronnythecat.blogspot.com

Ippo said...

Hamsters .. just want to make our lives harder.
One of my Syrians pee, eat, & sleep in the same place.
He smells!

kisetsu said...

HH - Hmmm, it all started at a very young age. Hermie is really shy and when he was a kiddo, I gave him the ceramic hideout and he develop this habit. Thot he grew out of it, but it came back shortly again. :(

Ippo - Maybe these little critters really want to take a bath! Haha.

Pierluigi - You will love hamsters. They are very cute/naughty/innocent and will be good pals when they know you well. :) I don't mind a link exchange though. Hope you blog on your hammies too. :)

Ippo said...

Are your hamsters toilet trained to pee & poo in 1 place?
I wonder if it's too late to toilet train my robo's.

kisetsu said...

Not all of them are toilet trained. Only a few got a habit of peeing at the same spot. I din really train them though.

The robos! Frankly speaking my Robbie and Rubie just pee everywhere (esp the wheel). So Ippo, if you succeed, teach me how. Haha. :)