Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Visit To Tardy

The owner visit White Retardy at his mother-in-law's house. Got a few nips from Tardy and Oreo though. -.-" Oreo is getting cuter, Retardy lost some weight. Uh oh, signs of aging!

More photos to come soon as the owner needs to cool her temperature down. (x.x)


Ippo said...

How old are they?
Are they related?

kisetsu said...

Retardy is 2 yrs old in Aug, Oreo is 1 yr old in Aug as well. Are they related? They are husband and wife. Haha, a match made by me and Jac. Eventhough they are not the same line, still no babies yet. Sob sob.

Ippo said...

Really? No babies?
That's strange .. normally when you put a male hamster with a female hamster .. 2 weeks later .. baby hamsters!
Maybe one of them is incompetent o_0

kisetsu said...

I think they are together for almost a year already. Right Jac?

Haha, incompetent. Hahahaha. Maybe they want couple quality time. Kekekeke. :)

dashingblue said...

Yep~ I think we introduced the two hams somewhere in November last year? O.o So it is fast going to one year since they have known each other.

Yeah... The chances of having babies are very very low know... But it is ok, they are still a lovey dovey couple who enjoys each other company! ^^ I love how Oreo always groom Tardy, so sweet~~~ ^^