Wednesday, November 26, 2008

White Retardy Came To Visit

A few weeks back, White Retardy came back to visit his brothers and the new hammies staying at this Hamsty Avenue. What has he gotta say?


Along with him are his mother-in-law, wife Oreo and friend Vivi. Oreo sure looked happy playing in the playpen. Tardy went around for while and soon (as usual) gotten bored.

Little cookie on the cosy armchair

Vivi is significantly bigger and heavier. Co-owner hoard over her for a long time before passing to me. Little Vivi is so tame that she could sit so still in my lap. Retardy's MIL was happily playing with Hamlet and teasing her until I could see Hamlet going: "Help help" when she was being squashed. Haha.

"Viva la Vivi!"

Then suddenly I felt a hot strip on my thigh thinking it was probably Vivi's paw scratching on me, when it dawned on me something was wrong. Eyes wide open, face curled up, I looked at Tardy's MIL: "Pee pee!" :( At that moment, I suddenly have that maternal instinct of a child wetting the diaper. Co-owner and Tardy's MIL looked onto the bed and confirmed Vivi indeed peeped on me. (T_T) And so, the day ended with me sending them off in soiled shorts. When I returned home, co-owner was smugging and sniggering away while the rest of the hammies looked at me.

"We are never gonna have a guinea piggy." Much to co-owner's dismay and the hammies' pleasure.
"Haha, someone got peed at." (^__^)
"Never mind, the soiled section on the bed is on the side where you sleep. Not my problem."

Muahahaha, I got the last laugh. :)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lazing Around

As I am typing my entries and busy working on my laptop, our little boy Mochi lay cozily beside me on the bed. He is also clever enough to use my box of DVDs as his headrest. Hmmm, smart boy.

Photoshoot Again

Today's photoshoot was a success with co-owner's SLR. Presenting the two cute girls, Spritez and Baby Mott. (^.^)v

Maybe I could send them to join next month's HH Hamster of the Month contest. =)

Platinum Credit Card

Dear hammies,
We are giving you a supplementary credit card. Please spend wisely. -.-"

Spritez to receive the card on behalf of the Hamsty.

See how Cherry 'hee hee-ing' away.

Baby Mott giving a kiss to the card!

I got a feeling that they will be on a shopping spree now. (=_=)'

Saturday, November 22, 2008


The other day Mochi was let out on the bed. He ran and climbed all over the bed excitedly. Soon, we started noticing that he was sort of looking for a hideout. Tired out from all the running, he was pretty exhausted. He digged under my T-shirt on the bed and concussed.

He is just too cute when he sleeps like a pig. =)

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Bought this chair for such a long time ago and no hammies know how to use it. Now along came Spritez and I think she appreciate the cushiony feel of the chair.

She sat on it for the longest time and of course, like a little ham queen. :)

Pirate Of The Caribbean

Actually, Hermie boy is not sleeping when he shows his obscene position. He is drinking water from his bottle.

I like to see my hammies drinking. It is like they are drunk and all the funny poses come out. =p

Hermie, you know what nickname co-owner gives you? Pirate of the Caribbean. Now you really look like one! :D

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Super obscene man.... Now who is this ham ham? (~.~)

Please have some modesty will you. Tsk tsk. =.=

Very Upset

The stupid co-owner hurled his abuse towards Ringo chan this afternoon when I insisted he cleans their cage. Because of his mistreatment, Ringo was soooo upset that she refused to eat her dinner and sulked at one corner. Despite hand-feeding her (favourite) sunflower seeds, she took quite long before reluctantly accept it. For a very long time, I had to coax and pacify her to at least have some movements.

Ringo chan, your dinner's here....

Ringo chan chan, why are you not eating????


Chan Mali Chan, why are you keep sitting at the corner....


I pulled co-owner to pacify her in which co-owner tried to pat her, Ringo went into defensive mode and almost biting him. Very good! So angry with co-owner for his bias-ness! -.-"

Friday, November 7, 2008

Cherry's Photoshoot

Our little girl is growing up! Seriously, we have fallen in love with her. Especially the co-owner. He even did a photoshot of her which he seldom does for the rest.

Our baby girl.

Not forgetting butt shot (as usual).

She's still quite tiny in my hands.

This is how cute you can get, Cherry.

Sigh~ The co-owner turns to father-mode for Cherry. Was talking about Cherry's impending marriage but co-owner refuses to let Cherry marries out. He insists the groom must come and stay with us. Hahaha. Turns out the groom-to-be is also his owner's favorite too. So right now, there's no compromise. In-laws woes, we have here. Yeah, we love Cherry alot and she has become the apple of our eyes, it's hard to let her go away from us.

I Want To Go Home!

I spent the whole day (the other day) disturbing Baby Mott. And I was having fun! :) Baby Mott has the same attitude like Hermie. She likes to stay inside cage and never likes to come out and play. Have to force her to step out.

Hamlet's Playground

This is Hamlet's new playground. See how she rampage through my shelves. Very very stubborn.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Getting A Tan?

Just a few weeks ago, we noticed that Ringo's fur is getting whiter. Her color turned lighter. Then all of the sudden, we found her to be very very black! :s Probably the daylight is brighter these days and hence she turned darker?

Hmmm, we always have our WWs turning into lighter colors but not turning darker. She's the first. 'Chan Mali Chan', please turn white again, you don't look cute in this dark furcoat. :(