Friday, November 7, 2008

Cherry's Photoshoot

Our little girl is growing up! Seriously, we have fallen in love with her. Especially the co-owner. He even did a photoshot of her which he seldom does for the rest.

Our baby girl.

Not forgetting butt shot (as usual).

She's still quite tiny in my hands.

This is how cute you can get, Cherry.

Sigh~ The co-owner turns to father-mode for Cherry. Was talking about Cherry's impending marriage but co-owner refuses to let Cherry marries out. He insists the groom must come and stay with us. Hahaha. Turns out the groom-to-be is also his owner's favorite too. So right now, there's no compromise. In-laws woes, we have here. Yeah, we love Cherry alot and she has become the apple of our eyes, it's hard to let her go away from us.


dashingblue said...

I love the butt shoot! ^^

kisetsu said...

When she's going downwards, her tail will point up 90 degrees. Very cute. :p

Anonymous said...

Hi , may I know where you bought the bars for your hamster playpen ? (:

dashingblue said...

Show me that when I go over. =P

kisetsu said...

Hi Anony, you mean the playpen fence? It's Gex/ab Seton brand for the dwarfs. If you are from SIN, you can get it off at PLC. :)

Do leave a name/nick next time. I don't like to call others by anonymous. :)

kisetsu said...

Haha, you mean the tail Jac? Ok. It's her natural reaction. :D

dashingblue said...

I know... My hamsters don't do that leh... Haha!

wiffy said...

oh yah, the butt shot is nice ... ohhh we got fetish for ham butts there again hehe. looks like she is really special to be the co-owner's favourite. Who will the hubby be and is the MIL dashingblue? ^o^

kisetsu said...

Hmmm, me thinks Mochi's butt is cuter. :p

Not sure how the marriage goes with the co-owner's objections of letting go of his fav. 'daughter'.

Ippo said...

Aaww I like hamsters' short tails.
How tame!
I want to have some Winter Whites in the future, since they seem to be tamer than RC's.
Unfortunately, I haven't seen any in nearby petstores.

kisetsu said...

On the contrary, in my country here, I have problem finding RC. Most petshops have alot of WWs.

Pple in the forums say RC are tamer than WWs. I would like to find out. :)