Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hermie Won HH Siggy Contest!

This is old news, but nonetheless, we are still in the very happy mood that Hermie won the HH's 2009 Christmas Siggy Contest! The owner and Hermie are arguing who is the one deserving the credits (the debate goes on). Anyway, to be fair, co-owner bought treats for all the hams to celebrate. *throws Hermie up in the air*

Well, there is no secret to create this banner. This time round we wanted it to have a dream-like fantasy theme compared to 2008 direct shot. If you are interested to know how to create the banner, this is it. (Sorry, cos' I did not save the original psd file, so I create another piece. Quality varies alot.)

This is how we do it!

First - Find a unwilling ham. :E

We used Nikon D60, Lens AF-SDX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR.

Lastly - We used Adobe Photoshop CS2 for the banner edit. Here's the steps.

Hope this explains how we did it. Thanks to PrincessPeach0221 for the xmas brushes.


wiffy said...

wow what a detailed Photoshop tutorial ... I like it and I find it useful. You guys know Photoshop well! :) I think the hardest step of all is still step 1 ... depends on the mood of the actor haha. Lucky Hermie is an obliging and handsome boy :D How nice of co-owner to buy treats for every hammy!

kisetsu said...

Yup, that's why I mentioned, find a willing ham. :D

Actually I don't really know Photoshop that well. It's from all the tweaking and playing around that I realize all these functions. It's really a useful program

Noi❤Alexia❤Lolo said...

Wow I love this!!
Thanks for the tutorial :)

Lolo always be my willing ham! As for Alex, hah.. no luck!

kisetsu said...

Haha, I can understand. Rubie also is a tough cookie to deal with. :D

Noi❤Alexia❤Lolo said...

Alex will give me the nasty face, instead... XD

kisetsu said...

Now I think abt it, yeah man. Alex mostly have the angry face in the photos. So cute. :)

ippo456 said...

Waaa no wonder I don't use Photoshop .. I wouldn't know how haha.
Congrats on winning!
Why don't you make a banner for your blog?

kisetsu said...

Thanks Ippo. Hope the tutorial is well written enough to understand.

Frankly speaking.... I don't know how to use blogger. And my html coding kinda sucks cos' my knowledge already obsolete and I've been having problems with designing the site. Gone are the days. So I'm now complacent with the current layout. Tsk tsk... :(