Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Latest Photos Of Hermie

Just now I caught Hermie and put him into the playpen. Naughty Hermie finally recovers from his bald patches (probably due to ant bites). However, eversince he passes the 2yr old mark, can't help but find that he is starting to age. He still have his cute face though. Co-owner exclaimed: "He still got the Hermie face!"


wiffy said...

haha of couse he still got the Hermie face, he is still Hermie mah ;p actually I think he looks youthful for a ham his age, he really knows the secret to looking young hehehe

kisetsu said...

At 2yrs old, still not so bad, but from his face, he is visibly thinner. His hunch is also starting to surface out.

I think his secret to maintain youth is 'eating the right stuff' bah. He doesn't over-eat and stay slim and fit. Hmmm, healthy hammie. =)

ippo456 said...

What ageing look?
He looks like he's 6 months old to me :-)

Kisetsu said...

Haha. It's a compliment for Hermie. He does look pretty small size in the photos. :)