Sunday, January 24, 2010


Scratch boy was uber happy to finally come out of his cage and into his fav. playpen. He explored every corner. Co-owner was fast enough to caught him in a dumb act on the camera.

He insisted on trying to get out from the small hole that he squeezed his face until such manner. Scatch boy, you are no longer the tiny baby! You're a very big big ham now. :D


dashingblue said...

Hahaha! I saw a Chinchilla doing that too! ^_^ It was super funny! It stuck its head into the hole to sleep... And then when it pulled its head back, *noting a bit tight*, the way its ears pulled to the front and it's expression was super duper cute! I couldn't stop laughing at that chin! :D My boyfriend and I went to House Of Chinchillas at Serangoon on my birthday! :) I love how adorable they are, will most likely get one when I save enough money... LOL!

kisetsu said...

The face becomes round puff of fur. Why does it reminds me of you squeezing Hamlet? =p

Oh, heehee, then next time I have the chance to play with chinchilla. :D

wiffy said...

haha so funny. This is a priceless shot. Reminds me of Mario, sometimes he sticks his face out from the side holes of his ufo thing, only his nose can get thru :D

kisetsu said...

Hehehe, when I see noses poke out, I like to poke them back. Haha. I want to see Mario do that. =D

ippo456 said...

How silly!!!!
Did Scratch give up on trying to squeeze through the hole or he managed to get through?
What hidey house is that?

ippo456 said...

Ps: how much are chinchillas in Singapore?

Kisetsu said...

Well, he eventually gave up after many tries in different holes. -.- That hideout is actually a aromatherapy candle holder fashioned like a dice. I give the hamsters to use instead. :)

Erm, I'm not too sure ant the cost of a chin. Din check it out.

Eric said...

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kisetsu said...

Hi Eric. Thanks for reading this blog. Hope the little critters arouse your interests. However, hamsty is a personal journal abt my hamsters and hence I'm not into garnering viewership or earning $$.

Do share with your friends if they like hamsters humors too. =)

✿A 'n' L✿ said...

Dear Hamsty Ham,
Lolo here.
We have bad news.. Alex is missing :(

Kak Noi is here now, with me. Let's hope Alex will come back soon.

kisetsu said...

Oh no!!! Alex escaped! Hope you will find him back. Set lots of food traps and hope he will come out. :(

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