Friday, January 22, 2010

The Moral Of The Story

I was at Fish & Co one day for lunch. Nothing unusual.... Until the waiter asked me what type of tea do I want. For the moment, my tongue suddenly slurred and I was having a hard time trying to pronouce Earl Grey Tea. The waiter looked at me with the facial expression -> What the heck with this woman! Yes it's simple English, but I can no longer associate Earl Grey as a form of tea cos' everyday I have been calling Earl Grey as a hamster. (=.=)

Moral of the story? Shouldn't name my hamsters based on food stuff. It will get more complicated when ordering things. :D


dashingblue said...

Wahahaha!! Nice one! Earl Grey ham ham! You can be a model for Lipton Earl Grey tea! LOL!

I haven't had any problem so far except for maybe "Pepsi" the cat. Haha! Let me see... So far my pets with food/drinks' names are: Mayo, Oreo, Pepsi, Apple & Marshmallow. Hahaha!

kisetsu said...

Hahaha. Yah, come to think of it, most of your pets have food associate names. :D

Earl Grey looked quite confused in the photo. Haha. :D

wiffy said...

haha funny incident! earl grey the ham posing with earl grey the tea - cuteness overload ^_^

kisetsu said...

When I think of the incident, I'm still laughing.

Poor Earl Grey. Heehee. :)

ippo456 said...

Haha! It's as if you're ordering your hamster at Fish & Co .. not good!

Kisetsu said...

Haha. Almost. ;)

Katie Dettman said...

How about Stud Muffin? MY guinea pig, we like to call him different kinds of muffins...same right?

Check him out!

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