Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sharpie's Defiance

Ok, post something that shows the bad side of my hammie. Haha Sharpie, this is to show the world how badly you behave when it comes to feeding time! Hiak hiak, sweet revenge.

Can you learn to be as obedient as Yoshi? You two are the same batch you know....

Obedient Yoshi

Sweet Yoshi came out to sit on the floor with me for half and hour just now after feeding time. Although he did nothing but constant grooming or sniffing around, it was such a cute sight. Normally when the hammies are out, they run all over the place. This is such a surprise!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Robbie's Nosey

I love rubbing Robbie's nose. Especially when he is bitting the cage grills.

I have to censor the sound because I sounded like a witch going: "Heeeheeeheeeheee, rubby rubby rubby...." *sadist*

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Relocations & Upgradings Part IV

Everytime when it's cleaning day, there sure will be alot of nagging/cussing/complaining from the owner. Especially when it comes to the robos' cage.

Upon 2 unclips, the whole cage fell apart. And if it is not enough, the assembling takes its toll of the goon owner who will constantly mumble "Stupid cage.... Lousy design..... @#%&*$!" After 5 mins of assembling..... "wtf.... Damn design!" Another 15 mins later, "I GIVE UP!" and she will shove the cage to the co-owner to assemble.

So after 2 months of savings (yeah yeah, adults also have financial difficulties too), finally bought a new cage for them. Have been eyeing on it since I first saw it but it was too expensive. The best feature is that it is so easy to assemble. Robbie and Rubie like it alot and it has more space for them to run around. :)

Now that the new cage is in place, I thought of throwing away the old Wild cage. Then again as I packed it up, I felt that it is such a waste to throw away cos' it is still in useable condition. And on top of that, sentimental value. This cage was almost 7 years old and I bought it for my first robo Mr Roboski. After his passing, many hamsters have stayed in it until Robbie & Rubie's turn.
Great, now I don't know what to do with it.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Cute Ringo

Cute Ringo! She got this baby baby face. (^.^)

She might looks innocent, but she's a real bully to Timidd Retardy!

Afraid Of Cold

Stubby, on the contrary is very afraid of cold! Once the temperature lowers, he will build up a nest/hideout and burys himself inside. And he doesn't come out at all. (-__-)"

Unlike Sharpie on the other hand, is so happy when we switch on the air-con. He practically sits near the window.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fat Ham

Although this post got nothing to do with the Hamsty Family, it is still Hamsty related. This is the co-owner's photos of his mom's pet sapphire dwarf. Crikey, look how fat he is!

"That is the size of a man's hand!"

The mom always used unorthodox ways to train and feed their hammies. But the end results.... Those hammies are really obedient and fat.... :s

Girls Are Climbers!

It seems like in the Hamsty family, all the girls are really good climbers. The three girls could climb exceptionally well. Hamlet, Ringo and Rubie, three different breeds, three different climbing tactics. Hamlet climbs up almost anything! Ringo does the monkey bar (like Oreo did previously) and lil' Rubie? I call it pole climbing!

Though the video didn't capture until the end, she eventually succeeded in reaching the top of the fence. A heck of sheer determination I would say. I cannot leave her in the playpen unsupervised, she surely escapes.

I can almost hear the girls say: "You guys really suck."

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Bye Bye Fabian Boy

It was very sudden. I just was wondering why Fabian was running the wheel in broad daylights. He seldom ran the wheels since he was getting on with age. So I took his cage to disturb him. Suddenly Fabian went into fits and bite the grill real hard before falling off onto the beddings motionless. For 1 1/2 hour he laid there breathing slowly. Then suddenly started struggling hard after 1/2 hour and the final hour, he started gasping for air. At 4pm today, his little heart stopped beating and his breathing ceased.

"Fabian at his final moments"

It is always painful to watch the whole ordeal of the hamster's final hour. Having seen so many departures of my hamsters, it is still very difficult to accept. It seems like the moment they stop breathing, their whole life flashes by and you started wondering why can't they live longer. It is even more difficult when they are with you since birth, as we practically watch them grow up.

Bye bye my Fabian boy. RIP.