Saturday, July 12, 2008

Girls Are Climbers!

It seems like in the Hamsty family, all the girls are really good climbers. The three girls could climb exceptionally well. Hamlet, Ringo and Rubie, three different breeds, three different climbing tactics. Hamlet climbs up almost anything! Ringo does the monkey bar (like Oreo did previously) and lil' Rubie? I call it pole climbing!

Though the video didn't capture until the end, she eventually succeeded in reaching the top of the fence. A heck of sheer determination I would say. I cannot leave her in the playpen unsupervised, she surely escapes.

I can almost hear the girls say: "You guys really suck."


dashingblue said...

I think the males are just plain lazy... =P =P =P I am just looking for an excuse to say the guys. Bawahahaha~~~ ^^

Pole climbing! Interesting! The fence are so high, I wonder how Rubie does that... Amazing hamsters who are so determined to climb its way out to freedom... O.o Urk~

I want to see Hamlet climb! I wonder how she can be such a great escape artist! =.=

kisetsu said...

Hmmm, I think the majority of the male hammies like to eat and sleep only.(o.O) But a small minority like to run the wheel.

Yes she climbed over! Probably she is light weight, easy to climb.

That Hamlet hor, she is very curious and likes to explore. But then again, she is very timid. Once she is afraid, she goes haywire. Then all of us panicked. So usually when I played with her, I din snap any photos nor video. :s

Hamster Hideout said...

wahaha, so agile, totally kawaii! Me want robo!!

Maybe boys are more laid back and are less concerned about their figure, haha...

kisetsu said...

Well HH, Robbie (to think he's a robo) is quite lazy as well. So like what you say, maybe the males are really laid back. (o.O)