Thursday, July 17, 2008

Obedient Yoshi

Sweet Yoshi came out to sit on the floor with me for half and hour just now after feeding time. Although he did nothing but constant grooming or sniffing around, it was such a cute sight. Normally when the hammies are out, they run all over the place. This is such a surprise!


Hamster Hideout said...

omg so guai! Neko is like that too, he doesn't turn back to check when I poke his backside ... I guess winter whites are naturally tame and sweet natured ^^

kisetsu said...

'Poke his backside'. Hahaha, kena superpoked again? Heehee. Not all WW are tame *refers to Stubby & Dwarfie Tardy*.... Yoshi and Neko are one of the rare ones. :p

Ippo said...

Your dwarf is so tame! What kind of a dwarf is he? Campbell or Winter Whites?

kisetsu said...

Winter Whites. :)

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