Sunday, July 6, 2008

Bye Bye Fabian Boy

It was very sudden. I just was wondering why Fabian was running the wheel in broad daylights. He seldom ran the wheels since he was getting on with age. So I took his cage to disturb him. Suddenly Fabian went into fits and bite the grill real hard before falling off onto the beddings motionless. For 1 1/2 hour he laid there breathing slowly. Then suddenly started struggling hard after 1/2 hour and the final hour, he started gasping for air. At 4pm today, his little heart stopped beating and his breathing ceased.

"Fabian at his final moments"

It is always painful to watch the whole ordeal of the hamster's final hour. Having seen so many departures of my hamsters, it is still very difficult to accept. It seems like the moment they stop breathing, their whole life flashes by and you started wondering why can't they live longer. It is even more difficult when they are with you since birth, as we practically watch them grow up.

Bye bye my Fabian boy. RIP.


Hamster Hideout said...

oh dear, I am so sorry to hear your loss. rest in peace fabian. I know it's never easy when a hamster goes, no matter how many times we have been thru it. Take care, hope u feel better soon ...

kisetsu said...

This will fast becoming a depressing blog from now on as my hammies are all going into the old age. :(

dashingblue said...

Oh my... So sad... =( R.I.P Fabian.

I hope your bf is alright, I remembered you told me Fabian is the only one closest to him. =(

Hamster lover said...

Aww I know how you feel. I've recently lost a Robo girl.

kisetsu said...

Yah Jac, that was his fav pet of all the hammies. Surprised he din shed a tear, I was bawling my eyes out when he wrapped lil Fabian with the tissues.

Hi hamster lover, my condolence to your lil Robo. I just lost one of my robo a few weeks back as well. :(

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