Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hamlet's Funeral

As the chimes rang, Hamlet was gone. An instinct asked me to take a look at Hamlet. We found her not moving. Yesterday late night, while co-owner was feeding her, we noticed she was terribly weak. From the start of this week, there was already an awful strench emitting from her body. I have been keeping her cage clean with constant change of bedding, but it doesn't help. Hamlet finally succumbed to her tumors and passed on peacefully today.

We don't post photos of our hammies' burial up to now. But for Hamlet, I think we do need to keep some posted. She has been a favourite among some readers here, and her time with us brought us much joy. She is probably 2yrs 2mths by now.

It's our dry season, Hamlet's burial was not easy due to the harden ground. This is our usual way of burial. Do not read from here on if you can't stomach the photos.

Hamlet's body in a ziplock (to prevent surrounding flies from attacking while we dig).

Preparing the grave. The soil was ultra hard today.

We pour water in to dissolve the soil for easier digging.

One last look at Hamlet's lifeless body.

The final burial. Hamlet's body is wrapped with tissue before laying to rest.

Rest in peace Hamlet. May you join the Hamsty family at Sunflower valley without anymore sufferings. :(

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Scrapbooking Part II

The second generation of hammies finally being documented on book. This time, the book is larger than the previous Hamsty family book. Being 12x12, I have more space and more pictures to put in compared to the previous 8x8 one. Hmmm, I still haven't put up Speedy's one and only photo on the last page of the first book. -.-

Anyway, I'm glad I have completed it. To think the whole album kit was left in dust for about a year. But it was kind of a well-awaited one to me. I have a better and wide collection of photos than before as co-owner finally improves his photography skills. Better, clearer and colorful photos to showcase.

Dusty Ham

Kopi yoyo! You need to do some spring-cleaning man. How come you are so dusty?

"I'm innocent!"


Just now co-owner suddenly exclaimed: "There's an egg in the cage!" Curiously I took a look.

That's no egg! That's a curled up sleeping Hamlet. But she does looks like one in a nest though. :D

ps. Hamlet is doing quite ok. I guess probably because the lumps on her chest burst and she's feeling much better?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

HOTM Awards

Hermie's interview finally on-air! :D Hope over to Hamster Hideout for his winner speech. Once again, thank you all for voting for little 'prawn mee'. :) *Hermie bow in gratitude*

He has been asking when could he get his rewards. I told him 'no cert, no rewards'. :D So today, finally when I got his cert, we had a mini award ceremony for him. :p

(oO) "My rewards!"

"Give me give me."

"I said give it to me already!" *pissed* -.-

nom nom nom

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Isn't It Lovely

Finally I printed out the calendar. I decided to print the pink one (sorry Hermie) because I like pink and most of the hamsters' friends are in it. This was placed on my workplace and the calendar has been a conversation starter for people who came to my cubicle. :D

Btw, this blog will be less updated as Hamsty is currently having a family crisis. I will be updating on twitter more often. I got 2 'priority hammie' to take care.