Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Isn't It Lovely

Finally I printed out the calendar. I decided to print the pink one (sorry Hermie) because I like pink and most of the hamsters' friends are in it. This was placed on my workplace and the calendar has been a conversation starter for people who came to my cubicle. :D

Btw, this blog will be less updated as Hamsty is currently having a family crisis. I will be updating on twitter more often. I got 2 'priority hammie' to take care.


ippo456 said...

I hope you & all your hamsters are doing well!

Noi❤Alexia❤Lolo said...

Yay.. Its really lovely.. I love the calendar as well :):)
And I hope you and all hams are doing well too ..
I read Hermie's interview and I cant stop laughing.
The ears remind me of Alex since he also got his ears damaged :(

Alex.. hah.. he is nowhere to be see.. Even the current owner put a lot of food trap everywhere, still no luck since he is too fast... It hurts me.. It hurts me alot, especially when I know he is missing while I'm inside the taxi on the way to visit them.

I will never forget what my housemates did to me and A&L. (T__T) And I don't know if I'm able to forgive them ever.. what a bad person I am!

I will write the story about Alex someday and hope it can be shared with all of HH communities. Hmm.. I'll find some time coz now, whenever I want to start writing I will ended up crying.

Oh yeah.. Lolo is married with a beautiful ladyham and they're living together now, HAHAHA ! =)=)
I do miss them ALOT ALOT ALOT!

kisetsu said...

Not well here at Hamsty because Hamlet is in serious condition (within a short week, 5 lumps appeared and destroy her) and Hermie too got some health problem. :(

I hope Alex will come out soon when he is hungry or so. My escaped hams usually will come out when they are finally gave up and hungry. Do not give up hope as yet.

For Lolo, congrats on your marriage. Hermie is very jealous. Haha. :)

ippo456 said...

Uh oh! I'm sorry to hear about Hamlet.
Baby Hamster did have lumps, but they were benign. I hope that Hamlet's lumps are also benign.

kisetsu said...

Hamlet has 5 lumps! She's partial disfigured now. But yesterday when Retardy's MIL came over and play with her, she is as good as before. Ok, she'll survive. I think after the holidays, I will bring her for a checkup.

ippo456 said...

Uh oh what you do mean by "partially disfigured"?
Did the vet surgically remove the cysts or something?

wiffy said...

nice to see the calendar printed out and used hehehe

kisetsu said...

I realised I only use calendars in my workplace. So this is the best place to use the HH calendar. :p