Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Is That Tubby The Chinny?

This is not related to the hams but... OMG! I thought I saw Tubby and yes, it was indeed Tubby the chin at Cute Overload. Haha.

Tubby the Teacher's Pest?

That's Ippo's chinchilla! So cute.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Eyebag Problems

For those who have dark eye rings and eyebag problem (like the owners), better don't grumble in front of Herbie. She has the worst case. =.=

What happened to my cute little hamster???

Angry Hamster Part II

Of late, whenever Earl Grey comes to his food bowl during dinner time, the owner will purposely pick him up when his head dips into his bowl. Of course, this makes the hamster very mad. But Earl Grey is naturally a nice hammie hammie, so he only shows his grumpy face.

Grumpy face

Many attempts one after another, even the little 'Mr Nice Guy' turns Mr Hyde. Earl Grey who never biten anyone before, gave the owner one hard nip on the finger. Ouch! You naughty hammie you!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Xmas Came Earlier

This year, Christmas came early for the Hamsty hammies. Their Christmas deco is up since the beginning of December.

Well, it's not that I trying to out-win anything. Just that, last year I put on the deco a week before Christmas and the next thing I knew was that I had to remove them back. (>.<) So at least this year, I'll have a whole month to enjoy the deco. =p

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Angry Hamster

Well, sometimes big doesn't necessary means good. This is how Scratch reacted when we changed his small wheel to the big one previously used by Hamlet.

Contemplating to change his wheel back to the small one. =.=

Saturday, November 27, 2010

One Rat Short

Although it's not hamsters, but still rodent related. A sad short film discovered by co-owner.

Sob sob, makes me wanna cuddle all my hammies. (T_T)

Monday, November 22, 2010


The other night I was thinking: - Every ham owner will definitely have their favourite selection of hamster photos. So many years down Hamsty Memories Lane, we have a list of top favourites. Here are the Top 7 hamsters of Hamsty Owners' Favourite Photos.

No. 1
Stubby (2006~2008)
He is the epitome of cute. His face had become the iconic criteria for the owners to judge a hamster cuteness. Big eyes, stubby nosey, round face!
He is the avatar for the owner's Facebook profile as well as the owner's TripAdvisor profile.

No. 2
Hermie (2007~2010)
This little fella looked horrendously ratty when he was young. His is a story of an ugly duckling turned Prince Charming. He became the trademark of 'The Hermie Face', a term the owners used to describe a chubby cute face of a hamster. He won the HH's Hamster Of The Month & Xmas Siggy awards.

No. 3
Fatty aka Stiggy (2006~2008)
Stiggy is an example of a lazy hamster. This photo has been named as 'What A Lazy Hammie' displaying how a hamster could be cute while lazing around. It is the fav. photo of the owner despite being amateurly taken.

He is the avatar for the owner's Hamster Hideout Forum profile.

No. 4
Mochi (2008~2009)
Having unique features give a hamster an edge. Acting cute straight away brings him an accolade. This photo dubbed as 'The Husky' becomes the co-owner's favourite and was the wallpaper of the co-owner's PC after this shot.
This photo is the wallpaper for the co-owner's Zen MP3 player.

No. 5
Baby Mott aka Mogi (2008~2010)
Another hamster with pleasant features. She is one of the most photogenic hamsters in Hamsty and most of her photos are always pleasantly cute and timeless classics.

She is currently the wallpaper of co-owner's PC.

No. 6
Whitehead (2006~2008)
Despite having a tilted head, it didn't stop him from getting cuter each day. Although he didn't look as cute as his same batch brother Stubby, Whitehead managed to become good looking as he grew older.

He is currently the avatar for the owner's Twitter profile.

No. 7
Cherry (2008~2010)
She is the testimony that a common and smaller eyed hammie can be just as cute. As one of the most photogenic hammie in Hamsty, her photos also always garnered the 'so cute' comments.
She is the avatar of the co-owner's Facebook profile.

It's not easy to get into this chart with our quirky requirements. In time to come, we hope to find new hopefuls for next 3 slots. Hmmm, I wonder are there hamster owners out there who do this as well? =p

Note: This is an internal Hamsty contest but it does not construe as owners' favouritism. All hams are still being treated as equals. =D

No New-comers On The Bed!

Herbie very fast became good friends with the co-owner. Seeing that I keep playing with Skippy on the bed, he too decided to let Herbie out on the bed.

So this little girl came out to play and not only left alot of litters (sunflower seed shells) because the co-owner used that as a bait to entice her, but also a trail of poops! ON THE BED!!! Not only that. After some time, this fella suddenly stop short and gave an urgent look on her face. SHE PEED ON MY BED!!! Co-owner kept giggling 'so cute so cute' on how she looked like when she peed while I shot to the roof. I JUST CHANGED THE BEDSHEETS!!!

That's it, no new-comers on the bed until they are toilet-trained... -.-"

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Introducing Herbie

Let's talk about the newest hammie that arrived via 'Happy Meal' box!

While we were touring in the herb garden during our vacation, I exclaimed to co-owner that we need to look for 'Herbie'. Co-owner thought I was looking for some herb plants but I was thinking about the name of our future hamster. Thus the name.

So one casual day while co-owner was ordering some drinks, as usual I wondered to the petshop panel of small animals opposite the drink stall, not having any intentions to have any new hamsters. Suddenly, this little fella came up and stood in front of me. It was in the Sapphire WW section but its fur coat was awkwardly different. So after a round of hesitation, this hammie came home with us. =)

While I was a little disappointed that Herbie is not a male, she wasn't too shy a hammie and within 3 days, she was like best of friends with us. So now, we have 2 females and 2 males hamsters in the house. Poor Skippy, we could sense some jealousy there.

I do hope Herbie's fur coat won't change because I really like that she got the white fur painted over half her body. It's probably the fur changing period but right now, we will take more photo of her, lest one day she turned 'grey'.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Scratch Loves Massage

Wonder how is Scratch now? This little disfigured phantom finally regains his prince-charming face without any scars. Here he is, enjoying a Sunday afternoon massage.

Anyway, he is so cottony-soft, I too enjoy squeezing him. =p

Thru' Predator's Eyes

I love to poke fun at the hammies, especially when they are scared. Their expression is priceless.


Skippy is acting weird since yesterday. I managed to pull her out from her cage and onto the bed. Frighten hamster plus unfamiliar surroundings = panic attack! She even head-banged into co-owner's hand during her panic run. Haha, the evil owner managed to make a documentary about it. =D

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Upon the passing of Kopi, we hereby transfer the ownership of his house to his blood brother Earl Grey. Earl Grey shall inherit the brother's childhood home while still retaining his own private property.

And so, today Hamsty World lauched the largest home in Hamsty history. Earl Grey really is a lucky ham eh?

Not quite though. When we first put Earl Grey in the house, he moved around to explore and proceed to sleep in one of the hideouts. But after a while when we returned, he's back to his own home. -.-" Hours later, he's back into his squeezy little hamhead, sleeping as usual. -__-'

"Hoy! How come you are here?!"


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hamsty Teaser

Something arrived in Hamsty Avenue today....

.... And we are not talking about food delivery!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Today is exactly Earl Grey's birthday! He was born on the 6th Nov 2008. This was what I found out when I adopted him through Retardy's MIL. His previous owner told her EG's birthdate and hence we at least have his record right. Happy 2yrs old Birthday '56grams'! May you still continue to be chubby and energetic.

So today, we gave him a birthday photoshoot with his birthday cake. And since I had been planning for today, I brought some scrapbook materials and created a scrap for him using today's photos.

(The wordings: Happy Birthday Little Buddy. Tough Guy 2yrs Old)

Of cos' photoshooting is not a pleasant experience for a hammie. You can know it by seeing his expression during the photoshoot NG shot. And cheesecake doesn't sound a yummy treat for him. After a few nibs, he totally shunned the cake. -.-"

"Ooopfff! *&^%#$@!" *pissed*

While printing his photo, Skippy got a sniff of the cake which was placed just outside her cage and so she came out to take her share. We will give Scratch later in the evening since he is still snoozing away.

Monday, November 1, 2010

September Is A Sad Month, October Without The Hams

Close friends will know that September was a terrible month for the Hamsty owners as we consecutively lost two of our precious hammies Cherry and Kopi. Not to mention, I was quite upset because Cherry died in the vet clinic and subsequently not long later, Kopi too decided to leave this world. It came to the point that I didn't feel like writing their deaths here. This blog, though filled with lots of comical incidents about the hams, it was also filled with many death reports over the years, considering how many generations and numbers of hamsters we had. But alas, a tribute to each ham is a must.

Cherry died on 16th Sept 2010 around 7.45pm. She had suffered alot and because of her will to survive was strong, she hung her life for days. That day, I finally found a very good vet at AMK and I rushed Cherry there, but it was too late. The Animal Clinic was really sympathic and the vet allowed me to the operation room which previous clinic I visited never did. I saw Cherry on the oxygen mask and they were furiously giving her oxygen. By around 7.30pm, the vet asked us to have our dinner, yet 15mins later, they called me up anxiously back and instead of good news, I went back to collect Cherry's body.

Kopi who also died abruptly on September. I came home that night on 30th Sept and saw Kopi inside his hideout like he always did when he sleeps. Alarm bells raised when he didn't respond to my call. Looking at the stiffness of his body, he would have passed on earlier. We didn't expect him to go just like that cos' he was up and running energetically everyday without fail until that day.

And so, at least 2 of my weaker hammies are in peace at Sunflower Valley. Then came October, a month that we would go for a long vacation. Initially we thought of sending the balance 3 kids to others who could help care during our absence but I decided that they would be fine on their own. It's rather funny that everyday during our trip we kept thinking of these little ones, and till the point I told co-owner, next time we fixed a webcam in front of their homes. =) So that we could see them while we are away. =D Well, we came home in time for Scratch because he had dried up his water bottles and also in time for Earl Grey to fill his tummy because he fully polished up the whole stick of food! Well, Skippy on the other hand suddenly lost memory and the whole night she gave a puzzle look at me not knowing who I was. -.- When she finally recalled, she gave me a nib. -.-"

Time flies and it's November. How fast could it get, and yes, we are in time to celebrate Earl Grey's 2yrs old birthday this coming Sat. Right on the spot 6th Nov! Yesterday night, this bugger decided to have his fun and he broke out of his house and escaped. Near midnight, he finally showed his face and we traced this little fella before catching him to the 'Torture Chamber'. I was pleasantly surprised EG headed back into my room on his own accord. Thanks for keeping us awake knowing that we had to work the next day!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Revolutionary Sleeping Position

I came home just now and found a very naughty Skippy sleeping like this.....

What is this man! I know it's fire hot these days, but sleeping on your waterbottle won't help either... -__-"

Sunday, September 5, 2010

An Injured Ham

So much for the Hamsty Playground Opening Ceremony! Yesterday, the Hamsty Avenue opened back the communal playpen and we even invited 2 guests-of-honor, Mario and Scrump to attend the ceremony. But today, the playpen yet again closed down until further notice! -.-"

Scratch hiding away, refusing to let anyone see his face

What a joke! I totally forgotten Earl Grey was inside the playpen, hiding inside the hideout and I happily put Scratch in. Scratch, who loves the playpen alot was happy it was finally his turn and he started exploring while I returned back to my computer. Co-owner came in and heard much scruffling, and in all horror, we saw them two rumbling about. By then it was too late. Scratch suffered a huge tear on his left face and was terribly traumatised. =c

Don't look at Earl as a friendly hammie, he's very nice to human but he can be very aggressive to his own kind (look how he bullied Kopi last time). Scratch on the other hand, though looks fierce and aggressive, is actually a very soft ham. He is those obedient type that will keep quiet. That's why he didn't even squeak for help. ;(

My poor injured Scratch looking pitiful

My handsome lad turns 'Phantom of the Opera' again. =.= Hope he recovers soon. T_T

Hamsty Treats!

Our hammies are in for a treat! Wiffy prepared a good mix of yummy food for the Hamsty.

The hammies like it, especially the pumpkin seed. =D All thanks to Noobcook, the hams are going organic. (^^)

It looks so yummy that I wanna try it too. =p

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hamsty Karaoke

I was doing my scrapbooking in front of the hammies when I noticed Skippy is doing something. Looks like she enjoys music and is singing. (^o^) Out comes our camera!

Haha. Ok, I poke fun at the hams again, but I can't help making it to a karaoke video when I saw her doing this. =D

Poking Nose

Skippy always like to pokes her nose out from a small hole at the side of her cage. She usually pokes out from this corner when she is curious about the surrounding happenings. And this gives me an avenue to poke back. Muahaha.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Housekeeping = ZZZzzz

Some hams just really don't appreciate housekeeping at broad daylights. I think if they could, they would definitely hang the 'Do Not Disturb' sign outside their cage. =D

This is Scratch snoozing away and not waking up during this morning's cage cleaning. Boy, so deeply in sleep.... -__-"

His paw seems to say 'Wait!' as in wait until he is awake to do the cleaning... (^o^)

Hamsty Owner's Hoards

Apart from collecting rearing hamsters, the Hamsty owner also likes to collect hamster related stuff. Like the hammies, I too likes to hoard. (^.^) So yesterday when I passed by the figurines shop, I suddenly had the urge to go in and take a look to see if they have any new input of the hamster figurine that I missed previously. Lo behold! They had! I had been looking for it since many years. The last time they had on display, I hesitated and it was gone. This time round, it came as a set with other animals and I bought it despite I don't need the rest.

This current one has the walnut as food. The previous one was sunflower seed and it was so cute. Oh well, at least I have it. Too much bluetack though.

Around this month, our local 7-11 convenience store also sold these cute little Zhu-Zhu hamsters figurines. It's like gachapon, there are 18 designs but I decided 4 is enough and I'm lucky to select different ones each time. =D

Apart from this, a little showcase of my hamster-related hoards.

The Sylvanian Hamster Family dolls. This reminds me of the Chiko/Naughty generations of hammies. This was brought during the Hamsty era as a symbol of the Hamsty generations.

Hamster stickers and scrub-ons. These manga-likes stickers are really cute and so difficult to find. I still refuse to use them. =D

Hamster tissues. I stumbled upon them in Daiso ($2 cheap shop). It has been in my stash for many years. Co-owner kept on exclaiming: "Use them already, it's just tissues for godsake!" But the whole pack is still unopened as of now. =p

Ooh, and not forgetting the books I have about hamsters. I love to read and like the hammies, I'm curious too. -__-"


It is very easy to know when a hammie is not in best of mood. You can just easily see it reflected in their body language. Here is Skippy who is sulking for some reasons. -.-

Body slumped over the slide

Cute big eyes turned beady

And not even moving despite me opening the cage gate to talk to her