Monday, November 1, 2010

September Is A Sad Month, October Without The Hams

Close friends will know that September was a terrible month for the Hamsty owners as we consecutively lost two of our precious hammies Cherry and Kopi. Not to mention, I was quite upset because Cherry died in the vet clinic and subsequently not long later, Kopi too decided to leave this world. It came to the point that I didn't feel like writing their deaths here. This blog, though filled with lots of comical incidents about the hams, it was also filled with many death reports over the years, considering how many generations and numbers of hamsters we had. But alas, a tribute to each ham is a must.

Cherry died on 16th Sept 2010 around 7.45pm. She had suffered alot and because of her will to survive was strong, she hung her life for days. That day, I finally found a very good vet at AMK and I rushed Cherry there, but it was too late. The Animal Clinic was really sympathic and the vet allowed me to the operation room which previous clinic I visited never did. I saw Cherry on the oxygen mask and they were furiously giving her oxygen. By around 7.30pm, the vet asked us to have our dinner, yet 15mins later, they called me up anxiously back and instead of good news, I went back to collect Cherry's body.

Kopi who also died abruptly on September. I came home that night on 30th Sept and saw Kopi inside his hideout like he always did when he sleeps. Alarm bells raised when he didn't respond to my call. Looking at the stiffness of his body, he would have passed on earlier. We didn't expect him to go just like that cos' he was up and running energetically everyday without fail until that day.

And so, at least 2 of my weaker hammies are in peace at Sunflower Valley. Then came October, a month that we would go for a long vacation. Initially we thought of sending the balance 3 kids to others who could help care during our absence but I decided that they would be fine on their own. It's rather funny that everyday during our trip we kept thinking of these little ones, and till the point I told co-owner, next time we fixed a webcam in front of their homes. =) So that we could see them while we are away. =D Well, we came home in time for Scratch because he had dried up his water bottles and also in time for Earl Grey to fill his tummy because he fully polished up the whole stick of food! Well, Skippy on the other hand suddenly lost memory and the whole night she gave a puzzle look at me not knowing who I was. -.- When she finally recalled, she gave me a nib. -.-"

Time flies and it's November. How fast could it get, and yes, we are in time to celebrate Earl Grey's 2yrs old birthday this coming Sat. Right on the spot 6th Nov! Yesterday night, this bugger decided to have his fun and he broke out of his house and escaped. Near midnight, he finally showed his face and we traced this little fella before catching him to the 'Torture Chamber'. I was pleasantly surprised EG headed back into my room on his own accord. Thanks for keeping us awake knowing that we had to work the next day!


masterofboots said...

So sad to hear about cherry and kopi :( it's hard to think of them...moving on when they are always so lively and energetic :( But welcome back.

kisetsu said...

And I kept calling Skippy as Cherry. Haha. Cos' the 2 really look alike (small size & skinny.

Paula Regina said...

I'm very sorry for what happened. I know very well the meaning of these little lives in our lives.
RIP :o(((

Paula from Rio de Janeiro/Brazil

kisetsu said...

Time will help. =) Each hamster is unique and they bring in different types of meanings to our lives. We also value their time with us.

wiffy said...

Cherry and Kopi's passing were so sudden. R.I.P to both sweeties who had a really good life under your care.

You know what, I also think of my hamster a lot when I'm overseas. We also discussed the option of installing a 24-7 webcam monitoring system lol ... we siao hamster ppl really think alike hor and full of devious ideas... kekeke

ippo456 said...

Aww I know how it feels to lose so many hamsters in such a short amount of time.
It always surprises me how these little creatures have strong wills to live, even when we know they're in pain.
Best wishes~