Monday, December 28, 2009

Hell Hath No Fury....

.... like a hammie scorned!

Need I say more? Never disturb the princess during her sleep.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009!

The owners and all the Hamsty hammies would like to wish all hammies and owners around the world a very Merry Christmas. May everyone be in pink of health as always for the coming year!

And now: The Hamsty Finale.

Baby Mott


Earl Grey






Sunday, December 20, 2009

X'mas Photoshoot Part III

Featuring Scratch, my frosty white hammie.

5 more days to the Hamsty Finale....


Hamlet is the only hammie that has food for her christmas photoshoot. She's so happy to eat till her heart content that she happily clean her icing stained whiskers! =p

X'mas Mood At Hamsty

The Christmas deco are up. Each hammie's house will have a wreath on the door.

Oh, two hammies are captured in the photo. =)

A New Friend Arrives!

Just now dad came home excitedly called me out to see something in the living room. I went out and saw him grabbing my empty hamster cage around and waved me to the table. An excited feeling arise as I thought he would take out a hamster from the plastic bag. My happiness was short-lived as he brought out one green living thing. Behold, a bird! Hmmmm....

We did not have any bird in the house since B.I.R.D passed on. So approval given by Hamsty to rent out the empty cage to accomodate this little fella and finally the bird toy which I previously bought for B.I.R.D was put to use (B.I.R.D previously have phobia of that bell toy).

Note: Hamsty's cage and Hamsty's swing!

Nope, we will not blog on this birdy here cos' it's . I'm just trying to make known that I'm a gracious hammy cage lender only. (^^) However, we hope that in future this birdy will be friends with the hammies (previously B.I.R.D is afraid of the hams). That probably will earn it another entry here. =D

Friday, December 18, 2009

What's For Dinner

A cute Hermie standby for his dinner.

He is sooooo cute! *squeak* Can't get over his cuteness! *melts*

Monday, December 14, 2009

Spritez Lay Down To Rest

My Spritez has passed over the rainbow bridge today. She was still breathing in the morning but when I came home, she was gone. We have braced ourselves for this coming since we saw the lump. However, little Spritez as bubbly as ever, showed no signs of giving up and happily continued her daily routine. Saturday, we took her xmas photoshoot and she was still actively running around and munching her treats. But yesterday night I found her lying quietly in one corner of her cage, refusing to come for her dinner she usually pounced on. I gave her the favourite pats and rubs, this time round she shunned away and moved into an inner corner and never came out. This morning she peered out to me when I looked at her and went back to sleep. She never woke up again.

Here are the christmas shots she gave us, the last of her appearance. RIP my intelligent hammie. :(

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hamster Jazz Band

Seriously I would love to have this band on my wedding day. Too cute and too awesome!

X'mas Photoshoot Part II

We spent almost 2 hours just now taking the photoshoot. Here's the second instalment.


Hermie & Cherry

Since it's Hermie's birthday month, we feature him in Hamster Hideout's banner contest for this year.

Do join the contest if you have hammies too. The more the merrier! =)

Third Party Listener

We owners usually like to have our conversations in the room. Usually one will sit on the floor and the other on the bed, talking loudly across. And there is one hammie who always wanted to know what the conversation is. So before we know it, at one corner Hermie will comes out and sit on his ladder platform, eyes level within the space of the grills and listening intently to what we are talking about.

I think it is so cute of him! Everytime we talk, he will definitely sit there and listen without interrupting us. He is just lovely! =)

Oh, btw, it's Hermie's birthday month. Happy 2 years old Hermie! *throw Hermie into the air* =D

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

X'mas Photoshoot Part I

The first installment of our Hamsty Christmas Photoshoot. Presenting.... Earl Grey & Hamlet!

B.M.T For Ringo

Because too fat, must exercise! Obstacle course to clear.

"Huff huff huff. Cardiac arrest soon!"

Ringo chan struggling to climb.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Pressing Wrong Mouse

A classic case of pressing the wrong 'mouse'.

EG: "I'm not that mouse!" *pissed*

Oops. Another ham abuse act recorded yet again. :p

ps: Owner's explanation: "But can't blame me, Earl Grey likes to buzz around my laptop. He's a techie."

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hamster Fashion

Inspired by Hamleto's girlfriend Ofelia's revolutionary fashion sense.

Our cute Baby Mott follows suite.

Hmmm, wonder if Laerta will be interested?


Today, for no reason, we decided to ham-nap (kidnap) Hermie. :D We put him into a guni-sack and tie him inside for some time. (^^) Bwahaha, the two owners are really evil to use him this way for entertainment pleasure. :p


In the hands of the kidnapper

He really looks like an innocent victim.

How To Open The Door

I do belive that when a hamster is familiar with his home, he does have the intelligence to do logical things. Most of my hams toilet-trained themselves and some go to the extend of opening their own doors. Here's Earl Grey demostrating how he does it.