Saturday, December 5, 2009

How To Open The Door

I do belive that when a hamster is familiar with his home, he does have the intelligence to do logical things. Most of my hams toilet-trained themselves and some go to the extend of opening their own doors. Here's Earl Grey demostrating how he does it.


wiffy said...

wah, EG, you're a smart hammy!!! :)

kisetsu said...

Not bad for a little ham intelligence. :)

dashingblue said...

I like this! He is so smart! O.O LOL! I wish my hams are like that too... Hahahaha... But even though they didn't know how to open the doors, they know what to do to get my attention when they want to come out - Nibble on the grills!!! LOL!

kisetsu said...

I think if Oreo has the chance, she will learn too. She's smart.

Cherry is like Nibs, bitting the grills for attention. If Nibs is still around, I would really like to pair them off! :D Same attitude and same size. Haha. :)

Ippo456 said...

Haha!!! At least Earl Grey is nice enough not to scratch the den. Whenever Earl Grey rub the den door, do you always open it for him?
What connecting ring are you using that's compatible with the Habitrail Ovo den? I like :-)

kisetsu said...

I think he can't really scratch much. Everytime when he rubs his paws on the lid, we will unlock the door. So he learnt the cue from this act and slow learns how to use his head to open the lid.

Ahhh! I really cannot remember the brand! There's a name to it and it's still selling in Singapore here. I bought the cage with the ovo attached this way. Think the petstore is clearing stock, that's why they mix and match. The cage is the brand Wild, while the ovo is Habitrail. They match!

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