Sunday, December 20, 2009

X'mas Photoshoot Part III

Featuring Scratch, my frosty white hammie.

5 more days to the Hamsty Finale....


(◡‿◡✿) Noi said...

OMG!! This is my favorite, Scratch really blend with the background.


I love this so much.

wiffy said...

Really love all the different banners. You are really getting into the Christmas mood :)

kisetsu said...

Haha, I think Scratch is white, so easily blended with the background.

Not that I have christmas mood. It's because I created alot of banners for the HH contest, so just nice to show case them as X'mas shots. =)

zuwairiaiman said...

wah.. cantik... so good ek wat mixing color .. i like the picture.. keep up the good work tau.. i support you ;)

kisetsu said...

Thanks. =)

ippo456 said...

Are you using any of your Christmas pictures as a December calender?
I hope you win the HH contest!

kisetsu said...

No Ippo, these are the banners that I have created for the HH contest and since I decided to use Hermie's blue one, I showcase the rest here.

Hermie was entered to the ham of the month and the christmas siggy contest. Let's see the results. =)

(◡‿◡✿) Noi said...

I hope Hermie will win..
Hermie really remind me of Lolo.. I hope he will be short-listed so I can vote for him ! GO HERMIE GO!!!!! *Cheerleading*

Eventho they're not with me anymore, I still receive emails from their current owner telling me that they're happy and healthy :):)
What a lovely feeling to hear my babies are in a good health (^,^)
Will visit them soon.. :):) Hehehe

kisetsu said...

Hi Kak Noi,

Thanks for supporting Hermie! We are waiting for the results. :)

Ah, yes it is very painful to part with Lolo & Alexia knowing that they are not the cause. We here are still hoping that your roomies will allow them back one day. Do continue to update the hammies' blog eventhough they are not with you. =)