Sunday, December 20, 2009

A New Friend Arrives!

Just now dad came home excitedly called me out to see something in the living room. I went out and saw him grabbing my empty hamster cage around and waved me to the table. An excited feeling arise as I thought he would take out a hamster from the plastic bag. My happiness was short-lived as he brought out one green living thing. Behold, a bird! Hmmmm....

We did not have any bird in the house since B.I.R.D passed on. So approval given by Hamsty to rent out the empty cage to accomodate this little fella and finally the bird toy which I previously bought for B.I.R.D was put to use (B.I.R.D previously have phobia of that bell toy).

Note: Hamsty's cage and Hamsty's swing!

Nope, we will not blog on this birdy here cos' it's . I'm just trying to make known that I'm a gracious hammy cage lender only. (^^) However, we hope that in future this birdy will be friends with the hammies (previously B.I.R.D is afraid of the hams). That probably will earn it another entry here. =D


(◡‿◡✿) Noi said...

What a lovely bird!!!
I hope she's happy living with your family =)
I don't know anything about bird, I mean I never adopt one before. Hee~

Bird is suppose to fly freely, right?

kisetsu said...

Me neither, but my parents like birds alot.

Well, the previous bird flew into our house and stayed with us. This one, I donno where my dad got it from. And it doesn't seems to like to fly. Sleep all day like the hamsters. (-_____-)!

wiffy said...

Pretty birdy! So that's the "green friend" you are talking about on twitter, hehe

kisetsu said...

Heh heh, looks green to me. :D

ippo456 said...

What kind of a bird is that? I like the colors :-)
Are his/her wings clipped or it's tame enough that it'll come back to you?
Poor birdie stuck in a hamster's cage.

kisetsu said...

Wings clipped? Erm no. It's free as a bird. The family will open the door and it will come out to explore by itself. The only problem is, it shit everywhere it goes.

Haha, not my responsiblity for this bird cos' it's not mine. :D