Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cutness Overload

When I saw this picture, I couldn't help but keep on smiling despite knowing the hamster is sick. So cute! I guess that is the cutest medical invention ever created. :p The ham obviously didn't like it though. (^.^)

Taken from my fav. online shop blog Shana Logic which in turn took it from Cute Overload!

Check out the Pocket Pets section. It has tons of very x 100 cute photos. That's it, I am sooooo bookmarking it. (^^)v

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lazy Saturday Afternoon Part II

The robos R&R too had a lazy afternoon. And they lazed in the same way as well...

This is Robbie enjoying his laze up at the balcony.

Notice a copycat behind? That's Rubie. Hamster see hamster do eh?

But Robbie doesn't care.

Hmmm, pure laziness. They are wide awake but they slack like the day is long.

Lazy Saturday Afternoon Part I

We let Stubby out to the playpen this afternoon. But instead, he found something else to do.

"Stubby, come out and go back home..."

"Who's calling me???"

*Grumbles* "What you want?"

"Get a life, I'm going back to my afternoon nap!"

And with this, he slept from 3pm to 6pm before he came out and asked to be picked home. (-.-)'

Hamlet's Rewards

After a few weeks stalking out in the hallway, Detective Hamlet finally debunks the 7th month ghostly encounter myth! Yay for Hamlet. She is granted back to stay in the bedroom with all the other dwarfs. :)

Heh heh, ok. Like old gramps' saying, "there's no such thing as ghost." Everything has a scientific reasons. Moreover, I think most of my RIP hammies pass away peacefully and were given proper burial, so there is no reasons for them to come back and haunt. :)

Back to Hamlet. After looking thru' some forum posts which post photos of the slient spinner, I now who what the heck that wheel looks like. Goon me, I've been having those wheels for my dwarfs and yet I don't know about it. Apparently, I have been buying the Japanese brand Wild, which is the same wheel. So we got the large one and gave it to Hamlet. Yay, no more noise!

Somehow I get the feeling she still prefers her old noisy wheel.....

Little Lion Sleep

Sharpie snoozes. He looks like a little lion.

I love chubby face hammies, they have this cute lion face.

New Motted

Introducing Baby Mott to the Hamsty Family.

Hope you can be friends with Hermie and pull him out from his hermit. :p

Not Feeling Happy

Dwarfie Tardy sits on the upper storey, alone thinking. He's not very happy.

An impending divorce is on the way. :(

Thursday, September 11, 2008


My Goodness!!! What happened to

Months back, this is the cute demure Ringo chan.

Barely a few months down the road, she transforms into a big fat obese hamster!!

Not only she is 2 times the size of Timid Tardy, she has becomes the fattest hammie in the Hamsty family. "Chan Mali Chan", you need to do something about your weight eh. I really can't help but call you "Fatso" now you know. (^^)

Notice how her big butt wiggles when she runs. Tsk tsk. I couldn't help but laugh. Ringo, you really are fat fat. Heehee.

And I really wonder why all my girl hammies are always super plump.... (??)

Monday, September 8, 2008

To Sunflower Valley Dwarfie Retardy

We just barely celebrate your 2 year old birthday, my Tardy boy. You were so happy and as agile as ever, always jumping around. Then a few days ago, you did not come down and greet me the usual way. I have to pull you out from the top storey to give you goodnight kiss. But you showed no signs of sickness at all. :(

Dwarfie Retardy stopped breathing on Friday 05th Sept 2008 around 8.15pm. Before he took his final breath, he was crying. His tears soaked thru' the tissue paper we wrapped him up. Little Tardy was laid to rest at 9pm. Really miss his greeting whenever we came home, really miss his pouncing out of the cage when we open the door for him. :(

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Attached To The Bowl

Recently Yoshi is always sleeping around his foodbowl. Don't know why.

I got nothing to say except for "LOL".

Ham Nest

Stubby really is an expert in nest-making. He uses the cotton to make a cave that fits snuggly one little ham in it. And the foundation is so strong that it won't go out of shape when the wind blows.

I'm so proud of you lil' Stubby. You are a male hamster and yet you are so good in making a nest. :)