Saturday, September 13, 2008

Not Feeling Happy

Dwarfie Tardy sits on the upper storey, alone thinking. He's not very happy.

An impending divorce is on the way. :(


Ippo said...

From who?

kisetsu said...

Heh heh, fat Ringo.

dashingblue said...

How come? 0.o What ever happened to the couple? Were they like Oreo and Retardy last time?

Tell them, it isn't fun being a divorcee... Just by looking at little Mayo, he is bored bored bored... Not fun to be a bachelor! He needs a keeper! Haha~~ ^^

kisetsu said...

They started aggressive fighting on Friday. Apparently over minor issues. Seems like Tardy was being sweet and following Ringo around. She doesn't like it and before I knew it, two balls rolling inside the cage. Co-owner gave Ringo 2 smacks on the butt in which she wasn't happy, she attacked Tardy again.

Sat, we placed them in the playpen, it was ok at first, after 30 mins, 2 balls rolling again. That's it! In comes the separator!

wiffy said...

ah, couple squabbles. Or maybe they like to live in a mansion all by themselves, hehe

kisetsu said...

When we put in the separator, both of them just sit side by side besides the grills. Donno what they are up to. (??)

Sometimes Ringo again scares Tardy by biting the grills aggressively. Humph, must be PMS! :p

But I do find Timid Tardy a little happier than before after we intro Ringo to him. But now, hmmm.