Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hamsty Spa Services

As Earl Grey escaped the previous night and had fun in the wild, when he came back he's in for a bath! Ok, even before that, we already had the intention to bathe him cos' he stinks (maybe because of that he escaped).

So this morning, there is no excuse for him. Off he went to the torture chamber Spa Service. =)

Shampoo time

Drying time (note: he can still have snacks while being dried.)

Massage time

A video of how the massage is done. Erm, this is not ham abuse. Muahahaha.

After that, KO... Good life man you! -.-"

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Skippy In Da House

Argh~ Unable to achieve the tilt-shift effect. Oh well, another time then. Anyway Skippy is already tiny. (",)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Hermie Face

We have officially create a new description in our Hamsty dictionary.

Hermie Face - adjective.
  1. To describe a hamster as pleasingly cute and innocent looking.
  2. Have a quality look of big-eyed, stubby nose, round face.

Not sure what it means? Look below here as demostrated by Skippy. :E

Skippy & The Beanstalk

This is Skippy who wet herself under the tree.

She is so tiny that the treehouse looks huge with her. Oh! She froze when she saw the giant standing up! :D

Satisfied Look

This is Ringo chan after-meal satisfied look.

Ringo is aging. She's getting thinner and now she can fit into her tiny foodbowl. No more fat fat.

Match-making Photo

Co-owner says this is one good photo of Scratch for match-making purpose.

He looks dashing don't he. :E

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Aye Skipper!

Yesterday, we met near the petstore and the co-owner insisted on getting a new ham. This grey motted WW practically caught his eyes. The panel was left open by the store assistant who was serving another customer, and when co-owner was looking around, he found this little fella. No assistants were free to help us so the co-owner decided to D-I-Y and ham-napped the hammie! (oO) He removed the communal wheel (other hammies were protesting as their wheel is gone!), and used it to capture that poor fella. Finally one personnel came over and help us. She said it was a female hammie to the delight of co-owner.

And so, the co-owner happily came back with this new hammie whom he named under his care as Skippy. Well, the name fits her cos' she is really cheerful and full of life. We are intrigued by her looks, cos' she looked like a robo with big eyes and on her right eye, she got that distinct robo eyebrow. Haha. Welcome to Hamsty!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

At Home

I love this Living World hideout. All hammies love it too, especially Hamlet. Now, I have pass it over for Ringo. Ahhh, slack Sunday, Ringo is at ease in her home on a 10am morning. :D

"I'm not coming out at all."

Lovely Cherrio

If there is one hammie that I love to call BB, it would be Cherry. Cherry never really grew in term of size. From day one we picked her up at the SPCA till now, she probably grew only an inch more. She's like a baby. You can practically hold her in the palm and cup her. She won't bite. =)

Wiffy, next time when you come over, you can try to hold her a little. :D

The Lazy Hammie

See, this is Scratch who is constantly sleeping all day long.

If I could, I would like to draw some saliva dripping from him like this. :D

Remembering Hermie

Hermie passed on suddenly. Prior to that, he was as active as ever and enjoying his life. Even at 2yrs old, he still retained his youth and cutie face. One last look at all the photos we took the few days before his death.

The sucker fish sleeping pose again!


Ocassionally, the hammies found gold!

"I hit jackpot!"

Sneaky Earl

These days, usually after the floor is cleaned, we let the hammies run around the room around Hamsty Ave. It would be a source of interaction between the hams. We focus on Earl Grey who is doing some house visits. First he visits Ringo's mansion.

*knock knock* Nobody's home?

When it comes to visit his girlfriend Baby Mott, Earl Grey gets all sneaky. See.

Serenading his girlfriend

Well,the diva ignored him though

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Missing Baby Mott

Another sad week for us here as Baby Mott too passed on. Without reasons and at such a young age, our Baby Mott died. She is only around 1yr 6mths.

Baby Mott passed away on Friday 12th March at 3.46am. On Thursday night I found her lying in one corner of her cage and her body contorted in an awkward position. When I was about to go nearer, she suddenly went into a seizure and started tweaking in pain. I brought her to bed with me and stayed with her, keeping her warm and stroking her. It probably extended the time of her life abit. I sort of dozed off but suddenly at 3.30am, Baby Mott gave a very loud shriek and struggled hard. Her shriek lasted long and pain before she took a deep breath and lost her soul. :(

I really do not understand why we lost her. The other day both of us are happily playing and now she's gone. It was such a sad night for me to witness all this. Lucky co-owner wasn't around or he would not be able to take it to see his favourite hammie passed on.

Monday, March 8, 2010

A Series Of Unfortunate Events

It's a double whammy for us on Saturday as we sent two hammies to rest. On the same day, we had to dig two graves. Not really a pleasant day.

We found Rubie motionless on Saturday evening. Without any reasons, she passed on. We went down and had her buried. After that, we had our dinner and went home. It was almost 7pm plus, and time to feed our hammies. Hermie came out and when co-owner put the food on his bowl, he slumped over as usual to choose his selection. Little did we know....

Hermie died on the spot, body slump over the bowl, eyes open. We thought he was still choosing his food, but on closer look, he was no longer breathing. A depressive co-owner carried his body which was still warm, looked at me and said: "He still look so cute when he died." =.="

And so, nightfall near midnight, we were down at the park digging yet another grave beside Rubie.

What a sad day it was. We lost our little active Rubie and our cute Hermie. =(