Sunday, March 21, 2010

Skippy & The Beanstalk

This is Skippy who wet herself under the tree.

She is so tiny that the treehouse looks huge with her. Oh! She froze when she saw the giant standing up! :D


wiffy said...

from this angle really can show the size of the tree with respect to Skippy. very cute look on her face hehe

kisetsu said...

Heehee, she is very small size. Hmmm, I probably got a few weeks more b4 this baby grow up. :)

ippo456 said...

Hahaha! I had to look at the photo closely to see that the newspaper is wet! My robos pees when I pick her up hehe because she's scared.
She's so tiny, how can she climb out of that hole?

kisetsu said...

Heh heh, right now, she still unable to climb up. She kept falling backward cos' the platform is too high for her.

I think she was scared that's why she peed too. =D