Saturday, March 13, 2010

Missing Baby Mott

Another sad week for us here as Baby Mott too passed on. Without reasons and at such a young age, our Baby Mott died. She is only around 1yr 6mths.

Baby Mott passed away on Friday 12th March at 3.46am. On Thursday night I found her lying in one corner of her cage and her body contorted in an awkward position. When I was about to go nearer, she suddenly went into a seizure and started tweaking in pain. I brought her to bed with me and stayed with her, keeping her warm and stroking her. It probably extended the time of her life abit. I sort of dozed off but suddenly at 3.30am, Baby Mott gave a very loud shriek and struggled hard. Her shriek lasted long and pain before she took a deep breath and lost her soul. :(

I really do not understand why we lost her. The other day both of us are happily playing and now she's gone. It was such a sad night for me to witness all this. Lucky co-owner wasn't around or he would not be able to take it to see his favourite hammie passed on.


Anonymous said...

so sorry to hear in peace baby mott

kisetsu said...

I hope she's in a better place now.

wiffy said...

didn't read your twitter status so didn't know about Baby Mott's passing when I went to Hamsty Ave. Really sudden. Hope this unlucky streak ends here. Rest in peace beautiful baby mott.

kisetsu said...

Somehow I feel the grim reaper move away. I need more newcomers to brighten up the Hamsty Ave again.