Sunday, January 24, 2010


Scratch boy was uber happy to finally come out of his cage and into his fav. playpen. He explored every corner. Co-owner was fast enough to caught him in a dumb act on the camera.

He insisted on trying to get out from the small hole that he squeezed his face until such manner. Scatch boy, you are no longer the tiny baby! You're a very big big ham now. :D

The Latest Photos Of Hermie

Just now I caught Hermie and put him into the playpen. Naughty Hermie finally recovers from his bald patches (probably due to ant bites). However, eversince he passes the 2yr old mark, can't help but find that he is starting to age. He still have his cute face though. Co-owner exclaimed: "He still got the Hermie face!"

Friday, January 22, 2010

Best Ham Trainer

I have long wanted to blog abt this. I am full of awe for this great animal trainer Sophia, especially on how she trains her hamsters. I love her hamster tricks videos and this is my favourite video. More here on Hamtaroplanet. Hamsters are intelligent! :D

I'm a laissez faire owner (read -> lazy), I'll let my hamsters have their freedom of knowledge, to explore their limitations. Kekeke.

The Moral Of The Story

I was at Fish & Co one day for lunch. Nothing unusual.... Until the waiter asked me what type of tea do I want. For the moment, my tongue suddenly slurred and I was having a hard time trying to pronouce Earl Grey Tea. The waiter looked at me with the facial expression -> What the heck with this woman! Yes it's simple English, but I can no longer associate Earl Grey as a form of tea cos' everyday I have been calling Earl Grey as a hamster. (=.=)

Moral of the story? Shouldn't name my hamsters based on food stuff. It will get more complicated when ordering things. :D

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Is This Real?

OMG! Is this the true results?

If so, time to throw Hermie in the air again. (^-^)v

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Spokehams for Evian

I think my hammies can be the spokeperson for Evian mineral water. -__- (sounds like the StayDrenched Hamsters)

Co-owner's photography definitely needs improvements (bad framing)

The co-owner came up with all sorts of reasons about how the hammies will benefit from drinking mineral water blah blah blah. Basket, what kind of privilege is this? The owners here drink our very own Newater and the hammies drink Evian mineral water. -.-"

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Vote For Hermie, Vote For Hermie!

Oooooh, the voting starts and Hermie is shortlisted for the HH HOTM.

Vote for Hermie, vote for Hermie, vote for Hermie! *stag flags and loudhailers*

Hermie Won HH Siggy Contest!

This is old news, but nonetheless, we are still in the very happy mood that Hermie won the HH's 2009 Christmas Siggy Contest! The owner and Hermie are arguing who is the one deserving the credits (the debate goes on). Anyway, to be fair, co-owner bought treats for all the hams to celebrate. *throws Hermie up in the air*

Well, there is no secret to create this banner. This time round we wanted it to have a dream-like fantasy theme compared to 2008 direct shot. If you are interested to know how to create the banner, this is it. (Sorry, cos' I did not save the original psd file, so I create another piece. Quality varies alot.)

This is how we do it!

First - Find a unwilling ham. :E

We used Nikon D60, Lens AF-SDX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR.

Lastly - We used Adobe Photoshop CS2 for the banner edit. Here's the steps.

Hope this explains how we did it. Thanks to PrincessPeach0221 for the xmas brushes.

Sleepy New Year

The Hamsty has been quiet since the start of Christmas to the New Year. All hammies slept thru' New Year Day. -.-" I'm not sure why, but it's probably gotta do with the shorter daylight hours and longer dark nights.

Ringo chan has the best sleeping position!

This sounds too good to be true to the owners because at night, they slept thru' with us and no hams run the wheels (no noise pollution!). We get better quality sleep as well. :E

So in summary, everyone here are in the hibernating mode! =D