Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sleepy New Year

The Hamsty has been quiet since the start of Christmas to the New Year. All hammies slept thru' New Year Day. -.-" I'm not sure why, but it's probably gotta do with the shorter daylight hours and longer dark nights.

Ringo chan has the best sleeping position!

This sounds too good to be true to the owners because at night, they slept thru' with us and no hams run the wheels (no noise pollution!). We get better quality sleep as well. :E

So in summary, everyone here are in the hibernating mode! =D


wiffy said...

Oh I like this upside down sleeping pose.... cuteeeee! :D

Singapore has longer dark nights too? Hmm maybe this is your hamsters' festive gift to u ... more restful sleep! hahaha

kisetsu said...

Looking at this photo, it seems like I can hear the snoring. Haha. Looks like right. :D

Yep, though not as long as in hours, but sunny island here do have such occurance. It is easy to spot around 6.30am-7am and 6.30pm to 7pm. :p

{Wan is me} said...

hi!!!!!!!!! i think ringo is sooooooooooo cute!what kind of bedding do u use? im trying to find the same kind of bedding here in malaysia but i cant find it...:(

ippo456 said...

No partying on Orchard for new year's eve?
That's Carefresh bedding in white (original is unbleached & brown).
I just want to poke Ringo's belly hehe.

kisetsu said...

Well, the owners did have a NYE dinner with friends. But when we came back, all the hammies were sleeping soundly as the fireworks light up at 12am. -__-" This was how the hams celebrate NY!

Wan, the bedding is same as Carefresh like what Ippo said. For me, my nearest petshop PLC sold it in a different brand called Healthy Pets. They are basically the same. So far I have no complaints abt this type of beddings as it's very absorbent. :)

Noi❤Alexia❤Lolo said...

{Wan is me} :

I'm using Back2Nature for Alex & Lolo, if you ask me! Its really absorbent & my hams love it! Maybe, you should try it too?
Oh, I bought it at PetShack :)