Saturday, May 19, 2012

Playing By 'Hamself'

These days, cleaning is not too daunting for the hammies anymore. Back then, they had to be confined in small tanks while we clean their cages which always led to panic attacks for them. Now, these two hammies have their own freedom to roam the living room while we 'maids' clean their cages.

See how Scar kept himself occupied while I was busy washing part of his cage in the bathroom. -__-" I was washing his ham-house while I caught him playing the merry-go-round through the mirror reflection. (oO)

Scar, what is the difference between a vertical wheel and a horizontal wheel? Just look at him, so enjoying....

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Miracle

It's like a whole month of period since we saw Herbie carrying her big lump. I was a little worried about her when I was out-stationed and the hams being under co-owner's care. However, to our surprises, a miracle happened.

Herbie managed to nurse herself back. The big lump at her belly reduced to just a 1/4 of the original size! We didn't do much of the treatment though. Wow, she is not called Herbivorous for no reason! My little Herbie at least feel more engergetic and now she is let loose to run freely in the room (previously I confined her to her cage). I hope she will have more good time with us.

Meanwhile, her recent photo (taken by handphone because co-owner refused to take out his SLR from his drybox!).

She's quite scrawny now. Eat much lesser, but at least she is still well.