Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Meaning Of Hamsty Avenue

In Hamsty World, the hammies live in the Hamsty Avenue. Why call Hamsty Avenue?

A sneak peak at how the neighbourhood of the hammies looks like in real life.

The different homes are laid in a way that they are divided by lanes and rows. They are stacked to a minimum of 2 levels. And there will be a communal playground in front. Doesn't the layout looks like our HDB flats which we categorizes in avenues? That's why it's called the Hamsty Ave. =p

Kopi's House Reno

I had enough of the damn Habitrail fly-wheel. It's the worst of all the wheels I ever had. So today, I decided to rearrange Kopi's cage again and remove the wheel. I installed a quieter wheel instead. Also, to replace the area of the fly-wheel, the mushroom was once again brought out, after 4yrs of storage.

Then again, now I am thinking, can fat Kopi squeeze into that mushroom???

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Uncle Retardy

Our Uncle Tardy is really old and he is really weak. These days, he just eat at the same spot, poo at the same place, and he has trouble standing up. To aid him in his daily routine, we lowered the water bottle to barely above the beddings so he does not need to stay upright for a long time. We also changed his food bowl to a flatter one so that he can have easy access to his food.

He has became a vast difference from his hey days, when young Timid Tardy could scales heights and runs all day. This little one is still eating and he really eats loads of sunflower seeds! He is still well without signs of any sickness but needs a little attention to check on him everyday. He needs to be covered in blanket in colder days as we afraid he would catch a cold or something. Seeing him so scrawny really breaks our hearts but we would like him to stay with us for as long as he can.

We all will grow old some day, so all the young hammies here, respect the old man!

Little Husky

Do we have a little husky in our house?

Here the pseudo husky look-alike Mochi!

He's a jack-of-all-faces. =) Come to think of it... He's the only pearl white in the hamsty family right now.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Big Fight

The Band of Brothers fought the whole day today. The two really had it from me. Here are the two brothers stunned after my lashing-out and spankings.

Earl Grey stunned after my spankings (notice some bite marks on his nose).

Kopi stunned after my shrieking scoldings. The co-owner became the good comforter to them.

Cheap & Good

The co-owner bought some stuff from Daiso, in bid to save costs instead of the usual buying from petshops. And the goon owner turns creative.

The latest stuff in store surprised me, they got this big hamster head hideout and the decals for just $2.00. I decided to make-over it so that it looks colorful. These decals are also from Daiso selling for 2 bucks. The good things about these decals, they are water resistant and very durable. Hence it is good to laminate onto hams' stuff. It's washeable. I previously bought in Japan these decals costing almost 450 to 500 yen (that is almost close to $6). So happy to find such cheap alternatives here in SG.

The lucky ham who receives the ham head.

The other wooden stuff that worth mentioning.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Playing Hermie

Now the latest craze for the owner. Playing Hermie in Pet Society. =)

Sometimes, the real curious Hermie would come up to the computer table and we will point to him and say: "Hermie, that's you." =)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

When R & R Fights

Robbie & Rubie, affectionately known as Lob & Lub, have a love & hate relationship together. The two robos have been staying together for like 7mths already, but everyday there will be an internal fight between them. It's their way to show 'who's boss'.

*drumroll - Huang Fei Hong-*

The two will involve in a game of pushing when their paths cross. Both hams will stand up on their hind legs and begin pushing each other. The one who falls behind first is the loser and have to give way to the winner who plunge on top of the loser. There's no dominant one though. Sometimes Lob wins, sometimes Lub wins. And this have become their very lives. :)

*Round One - Fight*

Nosey Parker

Hermie is fast becoming from a shy hiding hammie to a nosey parker. When he hears commotion these days, he will come up to the front grill and peeps out to see what's happening.

Little busybody. Heehee.