Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Big Fight

The Band of Brothers fought the whole day today. The two really had it from me. Here are the two brothers stunned after my lashing-out and spankings.

Earl Grey stunned after my spankings (notice some bite marks on his nose).

Kopi stunned after my shrieking scoldings. The co-owner became the good comforter to them.


dashingblue said...

Poor Kopi... Kena scolding. =(

kisetsu said...

As I sit here at my workplace, I am wondering if hell break loose at home with those 2. They have been fighting the whole nite. Din sleep well because of them.

wiffy said...

heh ... looks like hamsters can sense our tone when we scold or praise them, so cute =D We always burst out laughing at nihlus ... I think he knows he is being made fun of =x =p

dashingblue said...

Haha! We are such horrid owners... I also like to tease Nibbles and the 3 cats too. ^^ But my cats' response is much humorous than my hamster. O.o Hehe!

Pam, why not get a box and place a separator in between? They are still be next to each other but won't fight. =)

kisetsu said...

Of cos' they know. They can even take turns to come up to me this morning and tell me: "I'm the victim, he bully me!" =.=

You know, this panda eyes owner just feel like strangling the two of them. -.-" After seeing the whole fight process, the 2 of them 该骂!

I don't have the separator. The separator cage is still being used by Ringo and Tardy. I hope I don't go back to a bloody scene later. :(

dashingblue said...

Haha! I am really amazed by you, and still do (!), who can understand hamster's language and behavior so well! O.o That time when you came over to my house to choose the baby hamsters, you could tell me so much about lil' Kopi who was on your palm... I take my hats off you! Haha! ^^

Ya, if naughty must scold... I even scolded Tardy and Oreo last time when they kept bickering non-stop in the night, disturbing my sleep... -.-" Somehow they knew and kept mum-ed after that and also for the rest of their lives! =P

You can use the plastic box which used to house Tardy. Then use one of the hamster playground fence as a separator. =) That time, I used two sides of the metal grill from then-hamster cage as a separator for Mayo and Oreo. Haha! As long as they are not able to climb over, break or knock down the separator, it is good enough already. =D

Ippo456 said...

Aawww he looks sad.
Do you hang your wheel from the top of the cage?
From the video, looks like the wheel is sort of floating?

kisetsu said...

I officially separate them both. They cannot see eye to eye already. After the separation, both of them snooze the whole night. I guess they are very tired for putting on guard against each other the whole day.

Ippo, believe me that fly wheel is a gimmick from Habitrail. It is one of the loudest wheel! The worst thing is, the habitrail cage cannot be fitted with another wheel type. *sick*