Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Meaning Of Hamsty Avenue

In Hamsty World, the hammies live in the Hamsty Avenue. Why call Hamsty Avenue?

A sneak peak at how the neighbourhood of the hammies looks like in real life.

The different homes are laid in a way that they are divided by lanes and rows. They are stacked to a minimum of 2 levels. And there will be a communal playground in front. Doesn't the layout looks like our HDB flats which we categorizes in avenues? That's why it's called the Hamsty Ave. =p


Ippo456 said...

Well, with that being said, I have Hamsty apartment :-)
So, is the cage on top connected to the cage on the bottom?
If not, it looks like you have quite a lot of hamsters, assuming there are some cages with 2 hammies in each.
How many hamsters do you have now?

kisetsu said...

Nope, the top cage and the bottom are not connected. And most of the hams stay in a cage by itself. Only R & R, Ringo & Tardy stay together in one cage.

There are 12 hammies, so it's easy to count who stay where. (^^)

amirahsyuhada said...

wow, you have a lots of hamsters!!! I wish I can place them like yours!

kisetsu said...

It's quite a mess actually, especially when these critters threw out their beddings everywhere. *headache* Not to mention, the noise level at night. Needs lots of tolerance.

Jazmyn Alexandria said...

Wow, you have a lot of cages lol! I wish my parents would let me have 12 hams!

Ippo456 said...

I notice that it doesn't matter how big the cage is, I have one RC who always chews the cage bar 24/7 to the point that the paint on the cage bar chips.
Rubbing lemon on the cage bar doesn't help (maybe you can try that).
At least you have tile floors, I have carpet which makes it harder to clean after bedding, poop, & food being thrown out the cage.

kisetsu said...

Oh yes, my syrian Hamlet and robo Robbie always bite the grills. I'm ok, but it is their tooth that I'm concerned abt. Hamlet has a little chipped tooth. Hmmm, I can try the lemon, but I bet they will find another spot to chew on.

Oh god, yah, carpet is really hard to clean. Last time to prevent shavings (before CF is invented) strewn everywhere, we put big cardboard beneath the cages. So during cleaning, we just brush off the cardboard.

Jaz - Heehee, parent is not a problem to me, cos' I got a bigger say than them. Haha. But they really nags at all the ham stuff that I have at one corner of the house. :p

Jazmyn Alexandria said...

I wish I had a bigger say than my parents lol. =P

wiffy said...

I love the sneak peek into Hamsty Avenue! Wow, your hamster corner is really very tidy and well organised. Your lucky hamsters get such a nice fan too. Do you have unit numbers for each "apartment" hehe...

kisetsu said...

Hmmm, Wiffy, that's a cute idea. Unit numbers... Kekeke, I wonder will the DIY shops sell number decals and heh heh.

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