Saturday, February 28, 2009

Kopi's House Reno

I had enough of the damn Habitrail fly-wheel. It's the worst of all the wheels I ever had. So today, I decided to rearrange Kopi's cage again and remove the wheel. I installed a quieter wheel instead. Also, to replace the area of the fly-wheel, the mushroom was once again brought out, after 4yrs of storage.

Then again, now I am thinking, can fat Kopi squeeze into that mushroom???


Ippo456 said...

I was trying really hard to find where the mushroom is - is it the orange thing with 2 holes?
Those are tiny holes from what I can see!!
But if you have a skinny dwarf, I'm sure he can squeeze in.

kisetsu said...

Haha, yah, the orange hanging thing is the mushroom. It comes with the cage.

The thing is, Kopi is a fat hammie. He definitely will have some problem climbing in. :p

Ippo456 said...

Do you have hammies that never get fat no matter how much you feed them?

kisetsu said...

Oh yes, we do. We have Mochi who is fit and lean cos' he exercises the whole day. He eats a load of food but still in good shape.

We only have the girls Spritez and Cherry who are still so small size despite feeding them lots. Hmmm, it all depends. :)

wiffy said...

Love the colours. I think Kopi will say in his defense "hey, the wheel is meant for mousey, you dun say I am fat!" hehee

kisetsu said...

He is a vast difference from the time he just arrived in Hamsty and now. Big difference. :D