Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cheap & Good

The co-owner bought some stuff from Daiso, in bid to save costs instead of the usual buying from petshops. And the goon owner turns creative.

The latest stuff in store surprised me, they got this big hamster head hideout and the decals for just $2.00. I decided to make-over it so that it looks colorful. These decals are also from Daiso selling for 2 bucks. The good things about these decals, they are water resistant and very durable. Hence it is good to laminate onto hams' stuff. It's washeable. I previously bought in Japan these decals costing almost 450 to 500 yen (that is almost close to $6). So happy to find such cheap alternatives here in SG.

The lucky ham who receives the ham head.

The other wooden stuff that worth mentioning.


dashingblue said...

That's really creative! =) Nice! I can see Hamlet loves the house. Hehe! ^^

kisetsu said...

She likes to hide, and since the weather is hot these days, I think this will cool her abit.

wiffy said...

I have the blue ham head too, I love your deco! I am going to daiso soon to buy the wooden houses and to look for the stickers ^o^

kisetsu said...

Yah, I'm also going this coming weekend. There should be nicer stickers than these. :)

Ippo456 said...

Ooo that's very nice.
I wish I can buy cute Japansese stuff here.
Have to wait for my next trip to Sg for that.

kisetsu said...

Head down to the $2 shop next time Ippo. =)

Jazmyn Alexandria said...

That's really cute! I wish we had cute things like that here in the US! :)
I love that company's hamster products!

kisetsu said...

Hi Jazmyn! Will this be your frequent blog? You change a couple of times.

Peaches and Snowbell are so cute. :)

Jazmyn Alexandria said...

Lol yeah, I'm pretty sure I'll be keeping my blog on xanga. =P

Sorry about all the changes lol.