Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Uncle Retardy

Our Uncle Tardy is really old and he is really weak. These days, he just eat at the same spot, poo at the same place, and he has trouble standing up. To aid him in his daily routine, we lowered the water bottle to barely above the beddings so he does not need to stay upright for a long time. We also changed his food bowl to a flatter one so that he can have easy access to his food.

He has became a vast difference from his hey days, when young Timid Tardy could scales heights and runs all day. This little one is still eating and he really eats loads of sunflower seeds! He is still well without signs of any sickness but needs a little attention to check on him everyday. He needs to be covered in blanket in colder days as we afraid he would catch a cold or something. Seeing him so scrawny really breaks our hearts but we would like him to stay with us for as long as he can.

We all will grow old some day, so all the young hammies here, respect the old man!


dashingblue said...

Yes... It is kind of heart-breaking to see Retardy like this now... =( I hope he can live as long as his daddy Chiko.

kisetsu said...

But at this age, he became so scrawny is very unlike Chiko and his brothers. I guess he follows his mother. :(

wiffy said...

we see a complete life cycle with our hammies, I totally understand the heart pain feeling you have now. I hope that Retardy will be by your side for as long as possible too :)

kisetsu said...

The only thing that I could do now is to give him all the good food he can eat and just let him enjoy life for as long as he could.

amirahsyuhada said...

yeah, its a heart breaking moment, for me, lucky that late pempot only have this moment about two days..

Ippo456 said...

Aaww I didn't know hammies in Sg can get cold.
Does he live by himself?

kisetsu said...

He doesn't have much fur, so during rainy days or when I switch on the air-con, I'll make sure he's all wrap up. Just in case. =)

It's like I'm caring for the old folks, but some how I think he appreciates it and he still likes pats on his head. :) And ocassionally, he and Ringo (neighbour) have some communications. Having a companion seems to keep the ham going.

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