Monday, February 28, 2011

Fast Food Junkies

If hamsters can eat junk food, what would they choose? We'll let Scratch and Skippy tell you the answer. =)

Big Mac!


There you have it! =D

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Herbie is afraid of heights. =) Whenever we bring her out onto our palms, she will claw and cling onto every bits of our skin and hangs for her dear life. Just look at the close up photo of her on my palm. Her nails extended, and her paws open wide as if to laminate herself on my hand.

The best part? The look on her face is priceless. You can definitely see that she's scared. =D Haha, I have so many hamsters and none of them cling onto us like her. The sensation is different. Other hams will just walk smoothly on our palm, but with Herbie, we can feel the drag on her paws. It's so funny. (^.^)v

EG's Love Story -2nd Date

Since the first date went well, the owners planned for a second date for the two hams. By the way, this was back in Jan.

First, the hams were treated to dinner.

Just look at their round shape. Guess who is who?

After eating, some kindda proposal went on...

The couple went on to have their walk together.

Everything went well, until EG misbehaved a little and Herbie gave him one tight slap.

"You Pervert!"

The story continues...