Monday, February 28, 2011

Fast Food Junkies

If hamsters can eat junk food, what would they choose? We'll let Scratch and Skippy tell you the answer. =)

Big Mac!


There you have it! =D


Paula Regina said...

that cute ...

Are looking at lunch. The big bite comes next :ODDD

Kitmun said...

Skippy has such huge eyes ;)

kisetsu said...

Haha Paula, enjoy your meal. =p

Yes, Skippy has big eyes. Girl girl ham ham =)

wiffy said...

haha, the junk food as tall as them :D

masterofboots said...

btw, what brand of hamster food do you use? I am using minimal goods' mix but find that there are just too many sunflower seeds and nothing much else. My hamsters are getting so fat and lethargic!

kisetsu said...

Wiffy - That's the smallest junk food I could find. Haha.

MoB - I used to feed them Minimal and Petlovers housebrand mix. But now I have started giving them my own-mix of organic food more. I mix them on my own.

1. Rolled Oats
2. Pumpkin Seeds
3. Sunflower Seeds
3. Flake Seeds (spelling error)
4. Barley
5. Wheatgem

I try to give them more 'human food' instead of all these hamster's mix. Looks like they are quite ok with it. But they insist of having my junk food when I ate in front of them. =)

masterofboots said...

hey thanks! I just tried giving them some of the items you listed. It looks like they really love wheatgerm and flax seeds! think organic food is a good idea

ippo456 said...

So cutee!! Where did you buy those?
Sometimes I'm so tempted to buy an entire set of Sylvanian Family collectibles so I can use it as a backdrop for taking photos with the chinchillas.

kisetsu said...

Ah MoB - EG likes the flax seeds as well. I think so far so good as I have been feeding them for more than half a yr, no complaints from the hams although initially they caused alot of wastage. =p

Oh no, these are not the Sylvanian Family toys. They are really from Mc Donalds. The happy meal toys. =D

Paula Regina said...

Just to complement. I offer my hamsters fruit (bananas, apples, mango, papaya, watermelon and cantaloupe) and vegetables (kale, arugula, carrots, beets grated all). In addition to cooked rice and egg yolk.

Here in Brazil the Vets guide us to offer industrialized diet + fruit and vegetables!

kisetsu said...

Aah, seems like most of the hamsters I know loves to eat veg and fruits but all my hamsters that I had, never like them.

Why why why???