Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Best Friend

Well, alot of people would say that predators and preys cannot co-exist together. I firmly believe that it's the nature instincts of the wild to fight for survival. But then again I also believe that inter-animal relationship is also possible. It just boils down to the animal's attitude and their knowledge. We have seen many true stories of inter-animal relationships, the elephant and dog, the lion and humans, the snake and hamster. So, this video is no exception.

Ain't it heart-warming?

Hmmm, I think for my hammies, they would treat someone larger than them as friend. Too domesticated already. Or rather, too trusting.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Hermie Munching

A polite hammie is a cute hammie. Nuff said. =D

"Nom nom nom"

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Polite Request

"Can I have one more sunflower seed please...?"


Somebody's escaping....

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Kiss Kiss

Ever wonder how does your hamster looks like when you kiss them??

"Arrrgh... She's gonna drip saliva on me again. Help!!!!"

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Great Climber Mott

Baby Mott is such a climber, she can climb anywhere. Now she is attempting to climb between two cushions.

Oh, by the way, Baby Mott only scored 2nd place in the 'Best Climber in Hamsty Family'. Guess who is the first. Rubie scored 3rd. The lads? They can't even climb! -.-"

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Living With Robbie

"RIP little one"

Robbie, affectionately called 'Lobbie', the Singlish way of pronouncing the 'R'. He may looked cute and dewy-eyed, but he delivered a painful bite! I will not forget the day he bit me. His sharp teeth sank right into my finger! All because I wanted to hold him. From that day onwards, I knew he didn't like to be carried. That was a painful lesson. Anyway, he was too fast for me. But dear ol' Rob, he appreciated pats on the back and willingly accepted a little stroke down his back fur anytime.

Robbie lived a disciplined life. I guess these habits were formed when he was with Ruddie. In the cage, there is a place for sleeping, a place for food and a place for poos & shells. When Rubie was introduced to stay with Rob, she has to followed the same rules. I especially like the poos & shells area. They will gather all their poos and allocate them at the top tube of the cage. Similarly, when they have gathered all the sunflower seeds, they would go up to the top tube and start shelling them. The husks were thrown at the same area while they transport the shelled seeds to somewhere else. I used to insert all the beddings and cottons into the tube so they could have a cosy hideout, but dear Rob would take all the beddings down to the ground level cos' that was their dumping area. Hence, their cage is actually one of the well maintained and cleanest among the rest.

Probably Robbie was older than Rubie, he would usually give in to her when they fight. Except for the wheel-running. Many time Rubie likes to hoard the wheel to herself, so Robbie just had to fight for the chance. Same goes for food, Rubie will take all the best stuff leaving behind all the unwanted ones for him, but little Rob always let her be. In the beginning, both of them cannot see eye-to-eye with each other and they had separate sleeping area. But as time went by, the two get along quite well and started to sleep together. Sadly, there's not much time for them together as Robbie was aging very fast.

Now that Robbie is gone, Rubie seems to be seeking attention from us frequently (she used to ignore us!). Whenever she senses us nearby, she will starts biting the grills for attention. She never does that in the past. It was always Rob who came to greet us. -.-" See Rubie, you always dislike sharing, now that your partner is gone, do you feel the emptiness? I hope she can maintain all the house rules Robbie has set. Little Lobbie, may you find Ruddie at the Sunflower Valley. RIP.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

R.I.P Robbie

Robbie was found motionless during dinner time just now. :( He has passed away possibly today or so. It wasn't quite a shocker to us though because he was really getting thinner and his age could be seen very obviously. His fur and weight has dropped tremendously and his tiny legs were stick-like. However, he was of most active and a hungry hamster until we last saw him yesterday.

These are a few shot of Robbie before he started balding.

RIP Robbie aka Lob! He was the oldest hammie in the Hamsty family amid the new generation. We bought him around Sept 2007 and he lived with some of the descendents of Chiko/Naughty. This would have made him 2years old now. Goodbye my active/ego robo. :(

Pet Society Addiction

For the past few months, the owner has disappeared into thin air from the virtual world. This blog has then turned to rust. The owner blames it on the Pet Society addiction. Behind the scene, the hammies have been stagging protests, sending Earl Grey to stomp on the keyboards, Hermie marking the mouse with his slime and Baby Mott running around the bed. (-.-)

But this is one game I like alot. Mainly because we fashioned our game pets using our real life hamsters, based on Cherry and Hermie.

Cherry in Pet Society

Hermie in Pet Society

Don't they look exactly in real life? =p

ps. Btw, I'm not advertising for Playfish though.

My Hamster My Model

My Cherry baby!! Isn't she lovely? =)

*sniff sniff* Smells like the owner.

*act cute* Awwww....

Isn't it cute. My hamsters are our very own models. And they really pose for us

A Greedy Hamster Video

Someone posted this video on the Facebook and what can I say, I just ROFL as I watch. Hahahaha. The video is a variety show from Korea. I love the part where it went '!!!' and '...'.

I hope my Hamsty hammies have more IQ than this big fella though. :D

Hamster Ballet

*Insert Tchaikovsky, Piano Concerto No. 1 tune*

Bwahahaha, sorry. But this is what comes to my mind when I saw Scratch in this manner! =D