Sunday, October 11, 2009

R.I.P Robbie

Robbie was found motionless during dinner time just now. :( He has passed away possibly today or so. It wasn't quite a shocker to us though because he was really getting thinner and his age could be seen very obviously. His fur and weight has dropped tremendously and his tiny legs were stick-like. However, he was of most active and a hungry hamster until we last saw him yesterday.

These are a few shot of Robbie before he started balding.

RIP Robbie aka Lob! He was the oldest hammie in the Hamsty family amid the new generation. We bought him around Sept 2007 and he lived with some of the descendents of Chiko/Naughty. This would have made him 2years old now. Goodbye my active/ego robo. :(


ღn0n0iღ said...

Oh Robbie..
May you rest in peace :(

He is so skinny.... =(
But still, he's soooooo cute.

Sorry for your loss, kisetsu.
You really done a good job taking care of the hammy.

ღn0n0iღ said...

May I ask you something.. since you have alot of experience in taking care hamsters.. :D

My hamster, Lolo keep squeaking after playtimes.. I'm not sure is it because he is happy or something bother him.. hmmm..
and.. he keep biting the cage bars. I read somewhere biting cage bars can cause brain damage. What should I do to prevent that?? Thanks.

p/s : I really love your blog! ^__^

kisetsu said...

Thanks for your condolence Nonoi. We really miss Robbie because he is such an active hammie. He's so full of life. Alas, old age has caught up with him. ~sigh~

1. Squeaking
I have hammies squeaking too. It happens when they're cleaning themselves for my case. But they stop when they see me approaching. I usually have their body checks just to make sure it's not injuries that they are squeaking abt.

2. Cage bars biting
There're alot of reasons why hams bite the bars.

- To grind their teeth because their inscissors are evergrowing.
- Boredom.
- Seeking attention.

My hams usually bite when:-
1. Dinner time, asking to serve food.
2. Wanting to come out and play.
3. Somethings not right in their home (eg, fallen wheel etc), they complain!

I gave them alot of wooden stuff, so they chew on the woods instead of the bars. Also I allow them free time (roaming around the room/playpen) so that they won't be bored in the cage. It helps, they bite less unless necessary.

I would think it's the biting of rusty bars that would cause sickness. But one of the dangers for them to constantly biting the bars is having chipped/damaged teeth. Trying giving them gnawing snacks and wooden toys for them to chew.

Hope I answer your qtns. Thanks for visiting our blog. ;)

wiffy said...

I'm saddened to hear of little Rob's passing. But I think he had lived a full and happy life under your care. I will miss his updates especially those where he was wheeling speedily with Rubbie. Rest in peace Robbie ♥

kisetsu said...

Wiffy, we still have some unreleased photos of Robbie. We will pay tribute for him these few days.

He's a very wonderful little guy, he always gave in to Rubie except during wheel-running time. I wish he could live longer but judging by his frail body, it's would be painful if prolonged. We have already prepared ourselves.

ღn0n0iღ said...

Thanks so much kisetsu for the tips :)
Yeah, I already bought wooden toys online from (wuhu, I don't know where else to buy)

Just received my parcel!! Hoooooyeah! I bought some branches toy for Lolo.. Hope that can solve his biting habit T__T

Thanks so much.
If anything, I'll ask you again.. hope you don't mind.. ^__^

kisetsu said...

Hi Nonoi, the internet is a good place to find info about hamsters. There are also forums that provides good info (just need to listen advices from the right people). You can check out :)

Ippo456 said...

Aw, I'm sorry to hear about Robbie.
I read your comment on my blog & was thinking why you miss your Robbie.
Seems like he had a good long life with you and I'm sure he's in a better place, seeing that he went away peacefully.
Is Rubie by herself now? Is Rubie also the same age as Robbie?

kisetsu said...

Rubie is younger than Rob. I'm thinking should I add a new robo for her, since robos are social hams. Then again, introduction to a new ham might not be easy like how we intro Rob to Rubie. :(

She's alone in the cage and she demands more attention from us now. I notice that.

ღn0n0iღ said...

Well, actually kisetsu,
I'm thinking the same for alex...
Should I get another robo since she live alone? But she never ask for attention and seems happy to live alone.

But I read somewhere on the internet, robos prefer to live with partners @_@

kisetsu said...

Rob actually had a partner and when she died, he seemed depressed, thus I intro Rubie. So now I wonder will Rubie welcome another robo. Afraid of the age difference, that they will fight.