Friday, May 23, 2008

Super Mario Hamster

I couldn't stop giggling to this cute video. Those guys are really creative to make such video of hamsters.

Taken from

Thursday, May 15, 2008


My poor Ruddie, you are so weak now. I pray that you get well and recover from the surgery.

Monday, May 12, 2008

My Baby's Asleep

Oh Mochi, you are such a baby. You sleep like even the world come crashing down and you won't even know. :)


After the trip to the vet, we brought Robbie and Ruddie for a shopping spree. For the whole day, the two of them were with us. When we reached home, Robbie was totally pooped.

"Don't you dare pull me out to shopping again!"

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Bad Omen

Obese Ruddie! Even the doc says you got so much fat! -_-"

We sent Ruddie to the vet just now and the doc suspected that Ruddie is having a cancerous growth. It may probably be an infection but from the looks of it, it looks like a lump of blood clog. Though the vet said a surgery should be performed if the growth did not subside 3 days later, I actually wanted the surgery to be done.

We hope you recover soon naughty girl. Robbie needs you, you know. And you are too young to go to Sunflower Valley! :(

Friend Friend

After so many weeks of familarization, Hamlet and I are finally friends!

These days I am able to hold her in my hands without her twitching.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Timid Tardy Time Out

Timid Tardy has always kept a low profile and hasn't been featured much. That poor boy is always in his cage. So the owner decided to let him out more often (then he won't be so timid). But the moment he was out in the playpen, this was what he did! -.-"

"C'mon Tardy, when you are in your cage you run like a mad hamster. When you are out, you sleep!"

Newest Member In The Family

Introducing the >5weeks old female pearl white named Mochi....

Will the real small Mochi please stand up, please stand up...

This little 'spat' has already caused a huge uproar of laughter before reaching home. Noticing that there was a big hole at the bottom of the box, we went back to the petshop and suggested to transfer to a new box. When the shop assistant took her out and placed her on the table, she was so shocked that she laid on the table with fours stretched out and flatten. All three of us were bursting with laughter, the onlookers also couldn't help but laugh.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Here Lies My Beloved Stiggy

Here lies Fatty....
Who lead a happy life till the end.
The apple of the owner's eye.
And now in the grave he lies....

The last photo of Fatty before we wrap him up for his "furneral". He died peacefully in his sleep on 06 May 2008. The owner came back home with lotsa newly brought treats, but a pity he never have the chance to try as he never did wake up.

The house is empty without him around. RIP Stiggy.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Blow Wind Blow

Sharpie sleeps in the little corner with the fan blowing in his face. He looked so contented, see his blissful smiling face.

We should give him credits for his intelligence over his brothers. Nice idea Sharpie.

Suspension The Best Solution?

The up-to-mischief Dwarfie Retardy decides that suspending in the air is the best way to cool himself....

The traditional sleeping position taught by father Chiko.

Sleeping Beauty

Yoshi decided to just sleep off the heat. He couldn't wake up despite all the calling.

So, hamsters hibernate during summer in tropical island?

The Heat Is On Part II

"Nothing seems comfortable!!"

He moved to the left, he moved to the right....

Finally he decided on this position.

"I felt like I'm on a hot baking plate!"

Poor Stubby...

The Heat Is On Part I

We are into summer season in SIN. The heatwave is terrible! And my poor hammies are suffering. Sorry little ones, we do not have air-con. :(

"No worries, we'll find a way to cool ourselves. Just don't shave our fur, that is."

Whitehead shows us how to be cool by resting on his ceramic bowl.


Poor boy... :(

The Definition Of Fat

Now this is FAT!
Ruddie, you are the fattest roborovskii I ever seen!!! Your size really balloned over these few months. (o.O)'

Flat As Prata

I like the hind legs sticking out. Looks like a frog! Hahahaha.

Stubby lazing in the playpen enjoying the wind from the fan.